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Jumping on the Bandwagon, NOT !!!!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I live in the Washington D.C. area and am surrounded by NOTHING but Redskins fans. The Dallas/Washington is like the friggin Super Bowl around here. I have proudly been a Saints fan since I was three years old(1988), when my ...

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I live in the Washington D.C. area and am surrounded by NOTHING but Redskins fans. The Dallas/Washington is like the friggin Super Bowl around here. I have proudly been a Saints fan since I was three years old(1988), when my dad showed me a Saints game and I liked their colors better than the Raiders. Through thick and thin I have suffered and cheered through almost every New Orleans game since then. When we finally won our first playoff game I must say I almost crapped in my pants. Hopefully Payton will make me repeat these actions that happened six years ago. WE WILL SEE THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR!!!
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Saintsfan!!!! LOLOL...I thought I was the only one who started liking the Saints because of their colors. I'm glad I am not alone...lol I remember it was Christmas 1989 I was 14. I happened to be in NY at the time and for some reason I got to see 2 Saints games the 2 weekends I was there. I said these guys have killer uniforms. Slowly after...I started learning names....schemes....and eventually....the long hard history...I couldn't help it....I'm a sucker for the underdog and thus...I fell in love with the Saints! 17 grueling years later.......haven't lost an ounce of love for them. GO SAINTS!!!!

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All of us who have suffered over the years -- who watched us waste round one picks on the likes of Russell Erxleben -- went to a saints game at Tulane Stadium -- should be happy our wagon is getting full. Let em come -- they give us a better chance to keep the Saints in New Orleans -- But deep down inside -- we can rejoice that we were fans all along -- and know that we will be fans long after the wagon empties. Cheers
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My mother was the biggest saints fan that I have ever met. Long before the multi million dollar contracts and the crybaby contract fighters. Sunday afternoons she would sit in front of the tv and cheer the boys on with a passion that I dont think I will ever fully understand. Growing up in the eighties and early ninties when football changed my friends became Cowboys, Fortyniners, Broncos, and Bills fans. Somehow I have always known better than to take part in celebration and sucess that I was never apart of prior to it. Every year we see the the caps and jerseys from the winning franchises. I rarely see some one here locally wearing a Saints cap or jersey. How do we distinguish our selves, the old from the new? We cannot do it until we reach the final game. And at the end of that game it will be clear. There will be laughing and cheering smiles on their faces while those of us who went through hell and back for this franchise will pause with tears of joy and reflect on hardship, disapointment, and, the relentless desire for this team to win. My mother never saw the Saints win a PO game nor will she see them win a Super Bowl but I will continue with her love of the underdog and I will pass it on to my children along with the lesson of loyalty and dedication.
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I became a Saints fan because of Donte' Stallworth, and ever since than I have justed learned more about the team and all.
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There's a fanbase like ours in New England. I was working on Bourbon when they came in '01. Their fans reminded me of Saints fans in that they were just so hungry to see their team win it all, especially in the city where they had lost 2 SB's. I met a few of the players, McGinest, Milloy, Seymour, and Troy Brown. Really polite, good guys. Rams fans were/are extremely arrogant, and their players follow suit. A state trooper I know worked details for both teams. He said the Pats players all thanked the troopers, while the Rams were a**holes.

After they had won, the fans partied like I expect us to ONE DAY party.
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