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Michael Bennett Trade

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; read as a rumor only that houston offered antwan peek lb...

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read as a rumor only that houston offered antwan peek lb
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Originally Posted by saintbuck
Let Miami sign Turley and then trade Bennett for him. Bush running behind Karney with Brown{tackle} and Turley{tight end } leading the way.Sweeeeeeeeeet!!!!!!!! On top of all that, you get that fired up crazy leader with balls that we definently could use.
If we didnt have Zach Hilton on the roster I would say "Hell yeah!".

But we do, and I think the kid is gonna be a monster. Any coach with half a brain would have had him playing a year and a half ago at least. Every year you hear glowing reviews from coaches, players, fans, sports writers, game analysists, etc. about how good Hilton is. Then he just rode the bench while TE production was crap.

Let hilton play TE... Let Turley play guitar...
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Originally Posted by LSUJeremy
I'd keep Bennett over Stecker. More upside.

Stecker is one of the only Saints that didnt just give up last year, even though NO was in chaos and the rest of the team surrendered. He has heart.

I have heard for years how good Bennett is... Then he gets hurt. Every year. And with Reggie Bush Bennett wouldnt have to shoulder the full load... And? He has been broken too many times for me to want to keep him as opposed to Stecker.

I'll take Heart and Determination over Hype and Potential any day. Are you actually an LSU fan or really Jim Hazbeen in disguise?!?

"Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so." -- Douglas Adams.
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Bennett came in to the league the same year as Deuce. They both went to their first Pro Bowl in their 2nd year.

He had injury problems two years ago. Last year, for whatever reason he didn't see the field much, but not because of injury.

Since Deuce blew his knee out last year, and wasn't that great two years ago is he a "Hazbeen", too?
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one IR ? at a time please. Draft picks please. add to the salary cap for june 1st cuts, trades or any other cash need deals we may get. I want flex in the draft every year.
Stecker get a spot on last years play alone.
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Stecker fits the role of a 3rd Rb better than Bennett...he isnt going to cry to run the ball, he is going to play special teams, and he is a good receiver out of the backfield...get something for Bennett while you can.
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