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LKelley67 05-16-2006 07:47 AM

Will Allen Quits Team
Free-agent offensive lineman Will Allen, 6-4, 306 pounds, of Texas abruptly left the rookie minicamp after participating in four practices.

Allen apparently departed Sunday night, and was not at Monday morning's final workout.

"It's not for everybody," Saints coach Sean Payton said Monday. "Rather now, than take up a spot we could be bringing to camp. We wish him well. Disappointing is when you get to camp and find out he didn't come and you're one roster spot short. It's May now. We had a couple of young guys do some things in that position where we'll be just fine."

I've read around about the guy. Here was another player ranked about 15th out of all available guards. many had him tagged as one of the top UDFA picks. It seems from what I have garnered that football just wasn't his passion. Big and talented, just not the heart for it. Payton's no nonsense camps might have made it real clear to him. Texas has some of the most laid back, easy, and player-friendly camps and practices of any NCAA 1A team. It seems in the minicamp he couldn't keep up with the pass rush of the guys there.

Remember next spring when making out your draft wish lists- most of the draftniks sites are just sports junkies like you or I. I think 3/4 of them just copy from one another anyway. NFL teams have paid scouts and coaches who spend hours looking at film and having eyes on evaluation. Before we label anyone as a stretch or a steal we should evaluate the bottomline of how they end up performing. I became increasingly critical and cynical during the Haslett era because the failures were much more often and glaring than the successes in that regard. Stretch on Harper in the 2nd? Let's see. Bullocks and he as a defensive standouts in a couple of years and the word stretch will disappear. Hass a steal? Let's see him make the roster and do more than a Kareem Kelly or Talman first.

D_it_up 05-16-2006 05:01 PM

RE: Will Allen Quits Team
Hass can do one thing better than Kelly or Gardner......CATCH THE BALL!!!! He's already better than them in my book. No offense TG'sCousin

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