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I'm Tired Of Michael Vick

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; aka Ron Mexico, Mr. Herpes International The guy has talent without a doubt. However the hype versus real production ratio has entered the realm of an ancient oriental philosophy known as bul****zoo. Aww, he is so good... THAT is why ...

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I'm Tired Of Michael Vick

aka Ron Mexico, Mr. Herpes International

The guy has talent without a doubt. However the hype versus real production ratio has entered the realm of an ancient oriental philosophy known as bul****zoo. Aww, he is so good... THAT is why he gets injured so much. Oh, he couldn't run like normal last year because he was lame and didn't want to tell anyone. Oh no, it was his lack of good receivers, THAT is why he couldn't put it all together. Have you read this latest? Take a moment and do-


Pathetic, isn't it? The coaching, THAT is why he hasn't put it all together. Somehow Mora doesn't seem to be as pandering as Haz was to his love child. Vick continuing down the road of bul****zoo and one of them will be gone in another year or two. At least we fans here knew what a tragedy we had developing behind center. It will be a much harder fall to reality for the masses deceived by the former Madden cover boy.

Fran Tarkenton was the first great NFL scrambling QB and rightfully was inducted into the Hall of Fame. Somehow he did make into 3 Superbowls along the way. Vick can still be fun to watch but the novelty has worn off to me. Let him do his thing and be a footnote in history. He has never completed 60% of his passes. His lifetime TD/INT ratio is 5/4. His career passer rating is 75.8. Hell, he has a cousin with better stats than that. If he puts it together, fine. But if not, I hope the "special" player banter subsides into one of those "he coulda been..." rants.

In one way I am glad he is still there with a division rival. I think Matt Schaub has real potential to be a team leader.

Besides, the latest and greatest NFL story is unfolding clad in black and gold in front of us! Today's what-have-you-done-for-me-today? media focus? Regg-gie! in New Orleans!
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... actually, enjoy the fact that his fall from grace is going to be tremendous in 2-3 years from now.

Vick is a 1 trick pony... he can run, that's it. He has never showed any real QB skills, not in HS, not in college, and not in Atlanta, other than hrowing the ball far. Once he can't run no more, he's done.
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I still find it completely absurd and rather upsetting that he even made it to the pro bowl last year.
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YEs, but if he gets injured again, and agrees to move to safety, we might take a look at possibly picking him up in a couple of years.
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Paul McGuire would cry like a baby if he saw this thread.

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I have been saying all along that Vick is a great athlete, but a horrible QB. He is best suited to play receiver or runningback to utilize his running ability, vision, and awareness. Sure the Falcons receivers are pathetic, but you could split Moss and T.O. on either side with Marvin Harrison in the slot and you'd get the same results from Vick. He's pitiful behind center.
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i dont need to read any more than
Post subject: I'm Tired Of Michael Vick Posted: May 16, 2006 - 02:32 AM
i cant stand him let me know when he breaks his leg brcause he ran for the 25 th time in the first game with gandy blocking for him
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I do not have any problems with Michael Vick. I think he may lack in some areas, but he is a difference maker. He simply helps the Falcons win games. I do agree that in a few years when his running skills decline, he could possibly be in trouble. He does need to step it up in the passing game. With proper coaching he could turn his passing game around. It is very tough learning the West Coast system that Mora installed, normally takes a few years to master it. I would not rule this guy out just yet, but being a Saints Fan I hope that he sucks big time in the future...
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I hope Atlanta keeps starting him. They're in our division & I don't want them to play the good QB they have there against us (Matt Schaub).
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How many times has Vick just about single handedly beat us?
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