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LKelley67 05-16-2006 08:49 AM

Jonathan Sullivan Thought
I was thinking of getting fried chicken for lunch today so Sully natuarally came to mind.

I thought this-

I find comfort in knowing my team's dreadful failures are not the worst failures I know of. This Joey Harrington deal makes Wingman look pretty good...

Harrington traded for a conditional 2007 5th or 6th Rd pic. Thing is if Miami uses a pick in the upcoming supplemental draft that uses up that pick the Harrington pick becomes a 2008 pick. So the number 3 overall, a QB who has started for 4 years, is traded for a 6th Rd pick two years from now. That is pretty dang funny (unless you live in Detroit)! Somehow, someway, no matter how much of a blob Sully shows up as, we could get a 2008 6th rounder for him I bet. LOL Heck, he might should just try to see how big he can get. 38 yr old, 6-5 375lb Ted Washington is still finding employment as a couch to plug the middle of a line.

Go Sully! You ain't the worst. LOL

saintswhodi 05-16-2006 08:58 AM

I don't think we could get three scratch off lotto tickets for Sullivan. But that's just me. At least detroit didn't trade TWO first round draft picks to move up and take a bust. We did, passing on Marcus Trufant, and struggling at DT AND corner for years after.

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