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FatiusJeebs 05-19-2006 11:41 AM

A little salt for that foot...
Benson is still a complete moron. He made his comments about how happy he was over ticket sales. Then he turns around and disses the business community for not buying more suites?!?!? I think 87 of a total 137 suites have been bought and he wants to *****?!?!?

I can only hope that he passes all responsibilities of the team over to his grandaughter a lot sooner than later.


hagan714 05-19-2006 05:33 PM

RE: A little salt for that foot...
This was a significant sign to the National Football League, to San Antonio, Los Angeles, or any other city that wants our Saints. Then, however, Benson had to go and say something that makes one question, “I mean, are you serious?�

After telling us what a marvelous job fans did in breaking the record, Benson said it wasn’t enough. “No national football team can live on tickets alone,� Benson said yesterday in a press conference and referring to the lack of suite sales. Over half, 81 suites, have been sold, but 56 are still unsold. Apparently, that is what he considers the important factor in a sustained presence.

Look, my point is not to vilify Benson. People’s perceptions of him have been solidified far before this article. My point is, however, to question the logic of such thinking.

I believe Saints fans this morning are a bit confused, as well. They buy tickets and are then told it is not enough and the team may still have to leave. If only the microphone would have gone out after the team said it broke a new high mark for season ticket sales. Then, fans would be smiling, without a worry, and the national media would sing the praises of the Crescent City stepping up, despite the Katrina’s gut hit. Nope, this is the Saints. The team scored a touchdown yesterday, a beautiful play that had a sold out Superdome on its feet and rocking the building, but, then, promptly got flagged 15-yards for unsportsmanlike conduct. This was assessed on the ensuing kickoff, giving public relations a short field in which to work.

Got a take? Give it to me at:

The range of first-year suite lease pricing (depending on length of lease - one, three, or five years) is: $55,641 to $90,863 (300 Level), $65,641 to $135,863 (400 Level). Tickets and catering are not included in the annual lease price. You will be invoiced separately for your suite tickets.

Grrrr... told you benson got the 20 million dollar payoff , from the the NFL, for his out. Tommy Boy got slapped in the face last year and has not forgotten it. I wonder how our suite package compares to others?
Compared to other stadiums I know the food is at the bottom. Which is a shame for the city. So I can imagine how bad the food is in the suites for the money you spend.

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