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wcassady 08-31-2002 06:31 PM

Here's who I would like to see get cut:

Terry Allen
Hilton Alexander
Mitch White
Jeff Chase
John Gilmore
Kevin House
Jonathan Jackson
JJ Jones
Roger Knight
Damonte McKenzie
Richard Newsome
Abdul-Salaam Noah
JT O'Sullivan
Onome Ojo
Jimmy Robinson
Scott Sanderson
Richard Seals
Demetrius Smith
Mitch White

That said, let me defend a few of those moves:

1. Jimmy Robinson and Onome Ojo were both made expendable because of the play of Michael Lewis and the signing of Robert Wilson.

2. Terry Allen seems expendable simply because they just traded for Curtis Keaton and the younger cheaper guys like Fenderson and Williams played pretty well last night.

3. I know they are going to carry 3 QBs into the regular season but I wished they would cut O'Sullivan and sign a better backup. There should be plenty of guys out there after tomorrow.

I believe that Dirk Johnson will be retained for one more week simply because they want to see if Gowin is healthy enough. I've been pulling for Johnson to win this job because I think he has the stronger leg. However, Gowin really stepped it up in preseason and it was his job to lose in the first place. Dirk will go somewhere else and probably end up in the top 5 punters.

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