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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I'm 41 years old and have been a die hard Saints fan since 1977 (13 years old when I began watching the Saints, my mom was a huge Cowboy fan so the Cowboys was the team I first started watching, ...

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I'm 41 years old and have been a die hard Saints fan since 1977 (13 years old when I began watching the Saints, my mom was a huge Cowboy fan so the Cowboys was the team I first started watching, didn't take me long to find out about the New Orleans Saints, I never missed a game unless I was at work and still watched some of the games at work, (I hope my boss isn't a member here)
being a LongTimeFan hasn't been all good but have to say I enjoyed the Saints more than not.
A few years ago the team came to Lafayette LA for a visit with the fans, we got there real early and to our surprise Benson was walking around waiting for all the fans to arrive, I spoke with him one on one for about 30 minutes, he asked me a lot of questions as to why I was such a big fan, I think he liked my answers, I also met Bobby Hebert, Jim Mora, Ricky Jackson and Eric Martin plus a few other players who made the trip.
I try and make at least one game per year , my favorite game to go to is when the Falcons come to town.
My favorite All Time Saints player is Bobby Hebert.
My favorite coach was Jim Mora

Rest In Peace JoeSam, thanks for everything my friend.
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Originally Posted by LKelley67
kewl stuff guys, keep it coming.

that woman at the playoff game story choked me up. we GOTTA see a superbowl win before i croak. WE are just too good of fans!
When I got home and told my wife she did not believe me. I was so exited from the win, but all the way home I thought about that lady, and her husband. It was crazy everyone was hugging her and telling her it was going to be ok. She was a sweet lady to GO SAINTS.
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Hi. TallySaint here. Tallahassee Saint.

Born and raised in Panama City. Tallahassee since 1985.

After my first few steps outta bed and a long hot shower in the morning I feel much younger than my fifty years. Before the shower I creak and groan under my breath. After shower, its on. Do a little nekked towel dance for my still-sleeping bride (Friday morn's she gets the full monty extra happy nekked towel revue), dress and head to work....

I love football.

Some of my fondest early memories are pre-AFL - Starr, Unitas, Lilly, Renfroe, Anderson (not the QB, the Packers RB), Meredith, etc. When dad and I watched football together, YA Tittle, Gifford, and the Golden Boy were there - don't remember them. Hmm... I do remember the Giants with the huge numbers on the front of helmets. Don't remember Jim Brown but Leroy Kelley was the ****. Thighs as big as oaks.

I was 14 or so when Broadway Joe guaranteed the win. In high school when the Dolphins ran the table. I was a huge Cowboy fan in the 60's. Back when it was real football. Being a Florida boy I soon gravitated to the Dolphins. I can tell you every player in every position on the '72 team.... and their backups. Very cool time to be a Dolphins fan. Hoopla...good times. Ya' know? Being somewhat old school, I hopped off the Dolphin train when Mark legally changed his middle name to Super.

In the mid-70's I didn't pay much attention to football. In '75 I joined the Army. Airborne. Jumped out of my first airplane and got married the same week. Survived both for many years.
After the service went to "Colege" and went to work in Hammond.

That's where I got hooked. Seminoles in the dome ranked #6 and Tulane Dad/Son English whippin' our butts. A little Breakers action. Remember them? A co-worker took me to a pre-season Saints-49er game. Terrace. Walkin' down to my seat I thought I was gonna fall right down over the edge onto the field. When I left that night I knew I'd be a Saint for life.

New Orleans has been my second home of sorts. The wife and I try to get there at least once a year. Because of Katrina, unfortunately, our last trip was the pre-season scrimmage in Hammond a coupla' years ago. Hopefully we'll get over for a game this year. In past seasons, single ticket game tickets were easy to come by. Gonna be a little tougher this year - that's a good thing.

Big Saints fan. Big Seminole fan. Love to fish the gulf saltwater flats over this way. It don't get much better in the fall than gettin' up early Sunday morn, nekked towel dance, catchin' a mess of trout and macs, lightin' the grill and tuning in to football.

While I'm thinkin' of it - on a side note. If we score 18 or more ... and they score 17 or less. We win.


My Guardian Angel wears a hard hat.
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This is gonna be good.....

I'm D_it_up2, but you can all call me D. (Had this name since I joined this forum due to the fact the Saints D has been pathetic the entire time I've been a member.) I'm 30 and live in the Ruston, LA area. I'm going back to LA Tech University to persue the degree I should've gotten years ago.

I wasn't like a lot of people on here who have lived and breathed the Saints since Day 1, but I'm making up for lost time. I have always been a huge baseball fan, and have been a Chicago Cubs fan since I was a wee lad. Football wasn't even big on my list as a youngster, but I loved the Pittsburgh Steelers. I was a big fan of Mean Joe Greene, John Stallworth, Franco Harris, Louis Lipps, and mostly Terry Bradshaw. My dad was a Cowboys fan, so I always had to root against him. I didn't like the Saints much because of my grandfather's opinion of Bum Phillips. However, when I really got into football around the age of 11, I realized that Saints games were all that came on the local channels on Saturdays. I believe that was the first season that Jim Mora coached the Saints. I really got pumped up about football as a whole, and really grew to love the homestate team. I have been a devoted fan ever since. I cuss, swear, throw things, and kick immovable objects during games, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Favorite Saints player of all-time: Eric Martin
Favorite QB: Yep....I said it....Bobby Hebert, but Brees has the definite potential to take his place. SCREW ARCHIE MANNING!!!!!

P.S. I'm gonna get banned for that one. lol

People shouldn't be afraid of their government. Governments should be afraid of their people.
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I'm 25, born and raised in Mamou La. Saints fan since burth. Mamou is a town overwhelmed with LSU fans, so when LSU won the championship, they all downed and ridiculed the Saints. I hope LSU never wins another game as long i live. Now with Saints making things happen, some of these tiger faithfuls are talking good about the Saints. I wish all these bandwagon fans would just forget the Saints, so when we have our day in the sun, it wont be ruined by the smell of hypocracy and tiger $hit, that it will be the true fans who have been there through the $hit and the shine

I know violence isn\'t the answer,
I got it wrong on purpose !!!!!!!!!!!!!
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This is cool. Been to a few sites and have never seen something like this. glad to see there are at least two more 40 somethings here.
Being in construction I travel around a good bit so do not be surprised if i post a visit to your town and offer to buy you beer and share a saints game with me. If any one is in the upper north east let me know and we can share the joy of 2 saints fans with those other less fortunate NFL fans of lesser teams together. I am hoping our company gets part of the bid for the levee system. that would put me in NO for at least 2 months during the season. I am not a very good catholic but when the bid came out I have burned a few candles. I know that is not the idea behind them but like i said i am not that good of a catholic.

"We may have lost the game, but you'll be hurting tomorrow." Doug Atkins
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[quote="saintswhodi"]The ONLY good thing about jersey, is the Sopranos. :P

Hey now ...enough about NJ...remember we played a "home" game here once
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Originally Posted by spkb25
i am a saints fan from NEW JERSEY. that is the greatest state to live in. anyone that doesn't know that or understand you get a big go f... yourself from me. yous guys can blow. i have been a saints fan since like 86 or 87. i have been to N.O. once when i was 18. enjoyed myself and look forward to getting back and finally watching a game. anyway good to meet you all again.

where in jersey?
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Gainesville Saint

Hola, Greg from Gainesville, Fl. Grew up as a military brat, became a Saints fan in Elementary school. Dad was stationed at Keesler AFB. Became a season ticket holder back in the glory days of the Dome patrol (remember camping out for playoff tix). Graduate of Ocean Springs High in MS, before moving to Alaska with family. Attended Alaska Anchorage (though I'm definitaly a GATOR at heart), before graduating and moving to Fl. Currently celebrated First wedding anniversary and am anxiously awaiting the arrival of our first child in early July! I travel to the Tampa game every year, and am hoping to get to a game in the ATL soon. Of course there is still nothing better than watching a game in the Dome sweet Dome!

Forget the past, The Future is NOW! Time to Shine!
Geaux Saints!
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mike i am from south jersey between AC and philly. you are way up north
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