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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Born in New Orleans, lived most of my life in Chalmette, LA. Moved to the Jackson, MS. area in 1994....

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Born in New Orleans, lived most of my life in Chalmette, LA. Moved to the Jackson, MS. area in 1994.
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My name is Pat, I'm 43 and married with children just like Al Bundy. I lived on the westbank all my life in avondale. Been a Saints fan since the day they drafted Chuck Munice. Man thats a long time.
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So just to re-cap a few highlights....

"Becoming a Saints fans was an avant-garde choice and I liked the shock value of telling people in the Midwest that I liked the Saints. "

"I have had my head split open in Phoenix because I refused to wear the paper bag, Peanuts thrown at me in San Fran, Jeersy ripped off in Denver, and the list goes on. I personally dont give a Fu#% what people think about my Saints."

"Was living in MPLS when the viking demolished us. They could not understand why I was still happy. hey it was our first winning season."

" have my magnetic saints helmets on my truck(you get strange looks in NJ/NY area with something like that on your vehicle) and once football season gets here my flag flies in front of the house."

"After 40 years just one Superbowl victory will be enough for my lifetime."

"My name is Fatius Jeebs, I am 31 years and I have a Saints problem."

"We actually had a Saints book in our library (yeah a little tiny library of a middle school out in the sticks had a saints book). I'd peg the book as a "Nfl yearbook" type of things as each team had one representing them in some sort of set. I read most of them, and like many before me said "wow those uniforms are only the coolest i've ever seen in my entire life."

" So when the wife wouldn't allow the dish, I actually had (have) Eagles season tickets and would go there 4+ times a year. Sadly I'd be watching the ticker for the Saints scores in between plays and during time-outs."

"Not if but when we win the superbowl, and you see me coming do not run and hide just sit down and take it like a man, because all the crap we as fans have taken over the years i am going to give it back to you and all at one time."

"... but the thing that stuck with me is that no one left the building until the end of the game, and everyone was partying and drinking, and being loud, and it was all good... well, maybe I was too drunk and all of 'em different colored seats fooled me into thinking the dome was full, but I had a grand time... "

"Although, I have to admit that I became disinfatuated with the team over them bringing Herbert back after his infamous holdout. That was just donkey wrong to bring him back."

"...i thought anything that you could watch on TV that could make a grown man yell and scream and cry and cheer had to be worth watching and i havent stopped since..."

"i am a saints fan from NEW JERSEY. that is the greatest state to live in. anyone that doesn't know that or understand you get a big go f... yourself from me. yous guys can blow."

To be continued......


My Guardian Angel wears a hard hat.
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Good work tally! Some really kewl stories in here, makes ya proud to be part of such a bunch of scalawags. I'm outta here for some caribbean beach time for a few weeks. Looking forward to reading some more upon return.
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kelly you dog. u suck
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Hey fans, it`s great to read about the different personalities here, knowing that we all have a common dream of actually witnessing the day of "When the Saints come Marching in".

I`m 41, I live on the MS Gulf Coast in Moss Point, and like many of you, I`ve been a Saints fan since the early days. I remember first watching the Saints on a black-n-white TV. On Christmas morning 1972 Santa made good on my request for a complete Saints uniform; helmet,jersey #8 ,pants,and shoulder pads. I remember watching the Saints with my Dad and brother, and how those 3 hours on Sunday was a great bonding time for us.

I lived in Nashville,TN from 1996-2002. I like many of you, I really used this site for information that you can`t get when you live outside the area. I don`t post alot on here, but I usually read everything pertaining to Saints football.

Is this the year? could this new line-up of coaches and key players be the combination we`ve waited for? ...... well, as a well seasoned Saints fan I don`t make blissful predictions but I do think we`ll have a solid team that will win some games and we can be proud of... regardless, I`ll be here.
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The Great Cat Guru is 47, happily married, one daughter, cat & rabbit. Seen just about every Saints game. The combination has led to me being a twisted dude... thus the cat pictures.




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I am originally from Houma LA now living in Willmar, MN. I am 44 feeling like I'm going on 104, some days. I have been a Saints fan since 1968 when I was first introduced to them through a friend and have followed them ever since.

I am very happily married & have one daughter living in Louisiana that's 14 and think she's going on 21 - go figure. Her Mother, my first wife, does not share her(my daughter's) passion for her wanting to live with her Dad - another story for another day.

I work overnights as a Security Officer here in MN but, am anxiously hoping to return to Louisiana and home someday soon. Needless to say, we get very few Saints games up here & my wife is a hopeless Vikings fan. My handle is a reference to my place of residence - not a declaration of loyalty to the Vikings, by the way. I am an eternal Saints fan - period. 8)

I\'m not crazy - I\'m just \"maladjusted\" ...
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Haha love the photos foreverfan... I always get a good kick out of them.
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Louisiana native, 29, male, recent college graduate living in Alexandria, LA...Married to a Falcon's fan...F*$#ing Bi*$#h...Love her anyway...Been a Saint fan since I can remember...Had the same freakin' uniform as Saintsfan4ever when I was a kid...I am a QC/QA manager for a chemical plant that manufactures Resin for forest product applications, thats plywood in everyone else's world...looking forward to watching my Saints in LA again...Want to go to a game this year never had the money during college and was too busy working offshore before I decided to go to college...Claim to Fame: grew up with Craig Nall QB of the Buffalo Bills here in A-Town...Yeah I know, I feel special too....Anyway he's my friend and I'm I'll be a fan of whatever team he's on...cept Atlanta...told him there was nothing I could do about that....

"When you see a fork in the road, take it" -Yogi Berra
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