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lumm0x 05-03-2003 11:15 AM

Friday Mini Camp Notes
Mike's Notes from Saints Friday Morning Mini-camp...
By Mike Detillier - Draft Analyst - 8:35 pm CST

Newly acquired quarterback Todd Bouman from the Minnesota Vikings threw the ball extremely well Friday morning. Some of his balls had some real mustard on them and he had receivers concentrating hard to pull down his forceful passes. This young man looks like a real blue-chip performer.

Rookie wide receiver Talman Gardner showed some normal mini-camp nerves by dropping a few easy catches in the morning drills and mistiming his jump on another. While Talman looked real physical and very fast and he did get open, his "dropsies" showed what you would expect from a player that was trying too hard to impress.

WR. Michael Lewis continues to impress me. I just can't believe how much progress as a receiver this young man has made in the past two seasons. He is sure-handed and you can tell the team will try and get him on the field more as a receiver and not just a returner.

While Gardner showed some rookie jitters, the one young man who impressed me quite a bit was New Orleans native and former San Diego State WR. Derrick Lewis. He physically looks a lot like Onome Ojo, but I was impressed with his route running skills and his burst to the football He catches the ball with real ease and I will keep a close watch on this young man.

Rookie free agent tight end Zack Hilton looked very good in the morning drills, especially as a receiver. He is built along the lines of "Ted Hendricks" with a long lean build, but what stuck out was his sure hands and his ability to adjust well to a poorly thrown pass. It was just one practice, but I like what I see from him.

LeCharles Bentley just dominates anyone he does up against. He is a Pro-Bowler and he just wipes out anyone in front of him. His battles with rookie #1 pick Jonathan Sullivan were fun to watch.

Kendyl Jacox worked with the first team at center and he looked real good. He platooned with Bentley at center and guard. While he was not as impressive as Bentley, he did look real good.

Jonathan Sullivan looked very good, athletically in his first workout. He is a very good athlete and he runs the field extremely well. He took some lumps early on going head-up against Bentley, but he wouldn't back down and you can tell he's a player.

Darren Howard looks like he is back from his shoulder woes. He looked real quick and he has real sudden movement skills up the field. He really took #2 round pick Jon Stinchcomb to school early in drills and he beat him constantly with moves inside and out. The rookie found out real quick the NFL is filled with top talents and he must use good techniques to beat his man. Playing on the edge is tough in the NFL..

Grady Jackson was here, but he didn't look in real good shape. He struggled at times with the heat and I just wonder how much longer Jim Haslett will put up with his weight-problems and him not being here to work out.

Orlando Ruff showed good instincts to the ball and he is real physical. I was impressed with his hand usage and his ability to work off blocks. You can tell he is not the quickest LB. around, but he seems to always be in the right spot for a play.

Reserve OLB. Roger Knight really caught my eye. He was extremely impressive in pass coverage drills and he made a couple of standout plays against the pass.
Veteran Dale Carter stood out in the secondary. He looked real sharp and he shows no ill effects from the arm injury.

Ashley Ambrose plays smart and he is going to be a nice addition to this team.

Rookie cornerback Lynarius Elpheage made a couple of real sharp plays against the pass. He shows real quick feet and he has very good ball reaction skills. He also looked real smooth catching and returning punts and kicks in drills.

If Tebucky Jones plays anything like he looks, the Saints got a real solid addition. He is really put together and his closing speed to the ball was very impressive.

LordOfEntropy 05-03-2003 12:37 PM

Friday Mini Camp Notes
Nice post.

iceshack149 05-03-2003 02:57 PM

Friday Mini Camp Notes
Great post Lumm0x.

rusta 05-03-2003 03:04 PM

Friday Mini Camp Notes
is anyone lucky enough to make it to any of the mini camps?

rodjmaw 05-03-2003 04:20 PM

Friday Mini Camp Notes
What is the word on Spencer Folau or Victor Riley cuz that \"stinchcombs\" have me worried.

rusta 05-03-2003 04:41 PM

Friday Mini Camp Notes
stinchcomb won\'t start, don\'t worry or i should say pray for no injuries

you should do that anyway

D_it_up 05-03-2003 05:05 PM

Friday Mini Camp Notes
Folau will most likely start at left guard with Riley starting at right tackle...that is positions they have been working on in camp.

BlackandBlue 05-06-2003 07:30 AM

Friday Mini Camp Notes

What is the word on Spencer Folau or Victor Riley cuz that \"stinchcombs\" have me worried.
Mind if we wait a little longer than 3 Days before we\'re ready to give up on a guy who\'s not used to NFL speed yet? Give him time to adjust.

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