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Questions about Reggie Bush

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; one AB was more than enough...

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one AB was more than enough
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Yea thank god we didn't get vince young.
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Dude, this is what Reggie will bring to the table.


Will open up the run for Deuce with him in a WR role.

Will have defenders covering him more to free up Deuce and the WR's.

Will give the team endless possibilities on offense.

By the way we have a QB (Brees), the last thing we need is another AB! I would not compaire Young to AB even on Youngs worst day.

I am not a USC fan, I still consider LSU the true National Champions and not a shared.
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13 rushes for 82yrds with a long of 26 and 1 td
6 receptions for 95yds

i will take that kind of contained everyday of the week!!!!
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It seems that he creates a lot of problems for defenses. He is hard to match up. I think it is his ability to catch that makes his start/stop/change direction running even more deadly.

He is not the best player in 20 years. He is the best running back/reciever/PR in 10.
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Originally Posted by foreverfan
Originally Posted by gandhi1007
For someone to ask what makes Reggie Bush such a good RB, I have to ask the following question. Did you watch any USC games in the last 3 years?
No just the national championship. Texas had a good defense and Bush was easily contained. Wonder how that translates to the pros behind our OL?

In any case, just wanted to give you guys thing to talk about.

Easily contained?

I'm surprised no one commented on "easily contained" in the National championship yet.

Did you forget about that long run he had when he tried to lateral the ball and turned it over? He made some crazy cuts there. Also on his early 4th quarter run when he did his trademark flip into the endzone....he had to change direction and bounce it all the way to the sideline, where he still outran everyone who had angles on him. He still had 96 yards on 6 carries....probably woulda had close to 200 if he played the whole game and didn't have to split carries with LenDale White. How is that easily contained?
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I'm sorry....he had 82 yards on 13 carries and 96 yards on 6 receptions. Still...how is that easily contained?
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This may offer some clues.

For your viewing pleasure...

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great video trubo_dog
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another good video showing some sick cuts

it also shows some running between the tackles
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