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Dwight Smith released today???!!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; nothing... nothing ...nothing sounds like sh-t to me. at least get a role of tape or something. we are stuck with a buy out to boot? hmmm we did get something. bend over and take it in the wallet. what ...

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LB Mentallity
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nothing... nothing ...nothing
sounds like sh-t to me. at least get a role of tape or something. we are stuck with a buy out to boot?
hmmm we did get something. bend over and take it in the wallet. what would the buy out be since ky is not involved. well after bentley this does not hurt as much.
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Look guys trust me there had to be a good reason. In a few days we will hear both sides. If Smith didn't fit he didn't fit, if he was a lockeroom problem, f#@k him, i'm glad he's gone. I'm not passing judgment until i see the starting 11 on defense, and see how they play together. Haz kept alot of a$$holes on the team and that helped him get fired. Just chill out and wait and see what happens next.
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but still nothing?
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Merces Letifer
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You know? I don't really remember Dwight Smith doing that well from last season, other than the play where he picked up a fumble, ran it back for like 40 yards, just to fumble it back, that, and a lot of cheerleading after a hit even though the other team got 5-10 yards on the play.
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I hate to see him go, and even a 6th round pick is better than nothing. I wonder if the same thing is going to happen with Michael Bennett? I know there were offers for Smith and the Saints said there wasnt an offer to their liking...but at least there was an offer, which means someone offered something, and yet, we got nothing. Payton must really have his heart set on Laron Landry next year.
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This is another off-season, and we don't know who is the better players on the team. The current young players are getting better. I do not go by who did what last year. The staff knows who are the better players.
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This is as stupid as when the Eagles offered pick #31 in the draft for franchised Darren Howard, and we turned it down cause we wanted the Cowboys #20, and Howard ended up just lunching last season on a franchise contract, only to go to Eagles for nothing this year. Stupid as letting LeCharles walk for ZERO, then trading for the guy he replaced, and using that pick to reach for a safety. This, is stupid. There's no outside incidents. Read it from the horse's, or should I say asses' mouths. "It was 100% a football decision."

Ex-starting safety Smith is released by Saints
Veteran didn't prove to be good fit with team's new coaching staff
Friday, July 21, 2006
By Mike Triplett
The Saints released veteran safety Dwight Smith on Thursday after unsuccessful attempts to trade him the past three months.

Smith, who turns 28 next month, was a full-time starter for the Saints last season after signing a five-year contract in free agency. But he didn't seem to fit into the plans of the new coaching staff.

Under new coach Sean Payton, the Saints added veteran safety Omar Stoutmire in free agency, traded for veteran safety Bryan Scott and drafted safety Roman Harper in the second round. Those three will compete for roster spots along with incumbents Josh Bullocks, Jay Bellamy and Steve Gleason once the team opens training camp July 27, in Jackson, Miss. Stoutmire and Bullocks are the projected starters.

"We're just going to go with some younger guys. That's what it comes down to," Saints general manager Mickey Loomis said, pointing out that the Saints still have two experienced veterans in the lineup. "We like Jay and have a history with him, and Coach has a history with Omar Stoutmire.

"We just thought we'd give him a chance to hook on with another team if we made the move now."

Although Smith is an outspoken player on and off the football field and he has had minor off-field legal incidents in his past, Loomis said the Saints' decision was "100 percent football related."
In fact, members of the Saints' front office, including Payton, had commended Smith for his attitude and efforts in recent months despite being relegated to backup duty in practices.

"To be honest, I don't know what it was," Smith said Thursday. "I mean, we'll all see. Time will tell if it was a good move or a bad move."

Smith said he appreciated the chance to hook on with another team before training camp but said he wishes the move had been made even sooner.

Smith said several teams already have shown interest, including Tampa Bay, where he played four seasons. He also mentioned Minnesota, Oakland and Dallas.

"At least now I get a chance to get in training camp somewhere, to see who's going to give me the best opportunity to really come in and work and start. And somebody might want to sign me long term, so we'll see," said Smith. "I mean, I'm not going to approach the season any different than I usually do. I feel like I give it my best every year, and there's nothing more I can do. So I'm going to play Dwight Smith football, no matter what uniform I'm in."

Smith (5 feet 10, 201 pounds) has 14 career interceptions in the regular season, and he returned two for touchdowns during the Buccaneers' victory over Oakland in Super Bowl XXXVII.

The Saints were excited to land him in free agency last year, and he often was praised by former Coach Jim Haslett and defensive coordinator Rick Venturi for his versatility and ability to make big plays at key moments -- something the defense struggled to do in a forgettable 2005 season. Smith had two interceptions, two forced fumbles and a key fourth-down tackle against the Buffalo Bills in one of the Saints' three victories last year.

The Saints will save Smith's salary of $1.2 million against the salary cap this year. He was scheduled to earn salaries of $1.6 million, $2.5 million and $3.5 million over the following three seasons. The team will still be charged the remainder of his $3.5 million signing bonus over the next two years

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With the happenings of the last 12 months behind us, we really need something to cheer about. But, I am beginning see this year more and more as a rebuilding year. This area desperately needs something to cheer about, but I believe we are in for a long and disappointing season.
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You can spray it down with Lysol, hang pretty flowers all around it, & cover it however you want, but SH*T is still SH*T!!!!! And.....that's exactly what this move was.....SH*T!!!!!!!!!
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If he is so valuable... Why couldn't we trade him?

And if Loomis was really looking for a mid-round draft pick, how does releasing Smith work to our advantage?

I refuse to believe we couldn't get a pick between 4-7 for a player of his caliber.

I see no upside to this move AT ALL!!!!!!!

Wouldn't a trade for a practice scrub at least be something?

I got an idea... How about Loomis addressing our CB's or OL instead of dumping good players on our team.


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