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Dwight Smith released today???!!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I love Genius Loomis' comment that "we're going with younger players". Jay Bellamy - 30+ Omar Stoutmire - 31 Dwight Smith - 28 and in his prime....

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I love Genius Loomis' comment that "we're going with younger players".

Jay Bellamy - 30+
Omar Stoutmire - 31
Dwight Smith - 28 and in his prime.
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Ok every 1 that is crying and whining about this needs to get over it........ sure we should have traded him to get 3rd 4th rounder but sh*t we didnt get over it damn it im tired of this crying BS Scott,Ostodimire,Bellamy,Bullocks,Harper,Gleason we have 4 ppl we can choose to be the starters........ they will just fight for it in training camp and preseason...... its not as bad as every 1 is saying.....
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Reading this thread you'd think we just traded Capitalism for Communism.

Yes, Dwight Smith was a decent player in Tampa Bay playing in a defense loaded with talent at the line, LB, and safety positions. He didn't do anything to write home about last year, nor his last 2 years before in Tampa. You say "player of this caliber" as if you were talking about Jack Tatum. And the guy was here one year!

Besides, had the Saints gotten a pick for him, next year, when the Saints don't pick the player you want with that pick, you'll *****a nd moan all over again.

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Wow... I can't believe this move...

I also find it hard to believe that he was a clubhouse cancer.
I work at Circuit City in Covington, and Dwight Smith came in one day to buy some stuff. I actually sold him an X-Box 360 with a bunch of games and DVD's. He even bought the 2-year replacement plan on the system. He was also very nice to me and my co-workers. Seemed like an okay guy, but then I only got to spend 20 minutes with him.

I dunno. I hate to see any good player just released without getting something in return, but I'll give Payton the benefit of the doubt. Coaches and front office types are supposed to know a lot more than we fans.

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No doubt this is a head-scratcher ... I concur with those who are upset we didn't get ANYTHING for Smith in a trade, but, perhaps there are far more underlying reasons as to why this came about ... Just beats the Hell outta me as to what ... Hoping the kid Harper is as good as advertised ...
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I'm not buying this cancer stuff. From what I remember, Parcells would cut mediocre players to get the attention of the team, not solid players. Plus, Parcells just took in the biggest cancer of them all in TO. It's more like a cancer with great talent can stay and a cancer that's mediocre is the sacrificial lamb. Personality conflicts happen. Parcells and Simms didn't get along and won a Superbowl together. Smith was the MVP of the Superbowl so he's not mediocre. I'm sure some knucklehead tried to say it was not a bad decision to get rid os Knight either and gave the same reasoning for the coaching staff...etc. Like Gandhi said, it's still Sh**. And Loomis' reasoning shows it.
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Originally Posted by Tobias-Reiper
He didn't do anything to write home about last year, nor his last 2 years before in Tampa. You say "player of this caliber" as if you were talking about Jack Tatum. And the guy was here one year!
Huh? Dwight Smith & Will Smith were the only bright spots on our defense last year. Bullocks was constantly getting beat with the home run ball & lets not even discuss the CB situation. The guy was a Super Bowl MVP, but he's just decent? If he was so replaceable to the Bucs, why are they chomping at the bit to get him back? If he was a cancer.....fine. Trade him & get something in return. Unfortunately, our FO isn't too bright. First, we let our only Pro Bowler (LeCharles Bentley) walk for nothing. Then we give up a high 1st day pick for Jeff Faine.....the guy LeCharles replaced. Can you say "BAMBOOZLED"? Now, we let a solid starting safety (not to mention former Super Bowl MVP) go for nothing again. We could have definately got a 4th rounder minimum for D. Smith. What's next? We give up our 3rd rounder in next year's draft to the Bucs for a role playing safety? Someone in our FO needs to get there heads out of there arses!


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Well put gandhi...
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hey ghandi wasn't there a guy name smith who holds the rushing record for super bowls. what's he up to lately? just out of curiosity. i think he went to jail for beating up kids or something. his career turned out pretty solid too from what i remember. who cares if he was a super bowl mvp. the only thing i hate is the fact that we got nothing for him. i don't understand why we continue to do that. as far as bentley the guy didn't want to be here. that one is pretty damn simple. he came out and said i want to go back to cleveland because that is where i am from. never had a chance to resign the guy.

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Actually, Dwight Smith was not the MVP of that Super Bowl, Dexter Jackson was. Either way, thats not a good angle to take because judging by past Super Bowl MVP's...not necessarily great players...Larry Brown, Dexter Jackson, Desmond Howard...and the running back he was talking about was Timmy Smith...from the Redskins...and currently imprisoned.
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