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BlackandBlue 05-07-2003 09:55 AM

I like the new avatar, but have a small recommendation. Change the background color. In it's current form, it resembles University of Florida just a tad too much for my liking. That is...of course...unless you went to UOF, then I would tag you with an "Infidel" moniker, and will harass you with so much LSU content that you would inevitably suffer needlessly.

subguy 05-07-2003 10:46 AM

I am hoping the Gator avatar is for Gatorman,not the Univ. of Fl. Being a die hard Canes fan it would not sit well.

[Edited on 7/5/2003 by subguy]

BlackandBlue 05-07-2003 03:20 PM


Dude, I used to live in Gainesville
This was quoted straight from Gator\'s post on another thread. Coincidence? I think not...
HO HO!!!

5/10/02 LSU- 5 Florida-4, baseball
5/12/02 LSU-8 Florida-5, baseball
10/12/02 LSU-36 Florida-7, football
3/14/02 LSU-65 Florida-61, basketball
3/14/02 LSU-9 Florida-0, baseball
3/14/02 LSU-3 Florida-2, baseball

Hey Gator, does Florida have any good athletic programs??? :P

pakowitz 05-07-2003 11:49 PM

gator, where do u live at anyway?

BlackandBlue 05-08-2003 07:53 AM


So your super duper LSU fan and a Saints Fan. Poor dude...........your heart must stay broken during football season.

Oh, it\'s easy to say that my animosity towards the Florida is nowhere near what I have built up for the Bama, Arkansas, or Auburn. But I\'d still rank them Gators 4th :P

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