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Predict the Season. What others think of the Saints chances.

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; This is why sports writers are picking the Saints as one of the worst teams again. For a second, pick the games you feel we will win if you were a sports writer. After an impressive 2-0 start, injuries and ...

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Predict the Season. What others think of the Saints chances.

This is why sports writers are picking the Saints as one of the worst teams again. For a second, pick the games you feel we will win if you were a sports writer. After an impressive 2-0 start, injuries and a lack of backup talent begins to take it's toll. Saints prove again that stopping the run and constantly being behind makes them one dementional. Poor offensive line play continues to plague the QB position making Brees less effective while highlighting his weaknesses.

09/10 at Cleveland 12:00 PM CT - Loss
09/17 at Green Bay 12:00 PM CT - Win
09/25 Atlanta 7:30 PM CT - Win
10/01 at Carolina 12:00 PM CT - Loss
10/08 Tampa Bay 12:00 PM CT - Win
10/15 Philadelphia 12:00 PM CT - Loss
10/29 Baltimore 12:00 PM CT - Loss
11/05 at Tampa Bay 12:00 PM CT -Loss
11/12 at Pittsburgh 12:00 PM CT - Loss
11/19 Cincinnati 12:00 PM CT - Loss
11/26 at Atlanta 12:00 PM CT - Loss
12/03 San Francisco 12:00 PM CT - Win
12/10 at Dallas 12:00 PM CT - Loss
12/17 Washington 12:00 PM CT - Loss
12/24 at N.Y. Giants 12:00 PM CT - Loss
12/31 Carolina 12:00 PM CT - Loss

That 4-12 and another top pick in the draft again. 6-10 would show improvement while 8-8 would be unreal. Playoffs??? Forget about it. Not with this schedule.

While I'm not predicting this, this is what others around the league are thinking about our Saints!

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RE: Predict the Season. What others think of the Saints chan

Those predictions sound reasonable however....I think we can take Philly, both Carolina gmes are a toss up (they always are), and I think we can take Baltimore. So my revised predictions AT BEST would have us at.....8-8. Although 8-8 is an improvement I think it is one of the reasons why the Saints can't escape mediocrity. Constantly drafting in the middle of the pack has forced us to get well....middle of the pack players. At least thats what I have noticed over the years.
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i jsut want to win

i just want to win on Sept. 25th
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RE: i jsut want to win

7 to 9 wins this season.......
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you can look at schedules all day long and never figure em out............
the most important thing the saints have now that we did not have with brooks is "desire" and "leadership" if you inject those into mediocre you get dangerous.............
and that's what the saints will be this year....................if brees stays healthy, we go to the playoffs, period..........the pieces are here, they just need to fall, (or be put) into place.................smitty
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What really makes me excited about this up
coming season...we don't have Venturi.
And if we do make the playoff...that will
be the reason why!!!

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09/10 at Cleveland (1-0)
The Browns' injury bug will continue as a few more starters will not make it to the opening game. I see a squeaker win here as Bush scores 2 and Brees hits for 3 scores - 31-27 Saints.

09/17 at Green Bay (2-0)
This date's been marked in several Saints' minds. GB is really no better this year than last and the Saints are definitely better. A controled running assault leads to a 27-17 Saints victory.

09/25 Atlanta (3-0)
Homecoming. The Fal-cons are dropping receivers more than Conwell drops passes. New defense with faster pursuit safeties neutralizes Vick. Saints cruise 38-24.

10/01 at Carolina (3-1)
1st real test of the season. Carolina will be fully prepared for everything the offense has and Jake will disect the defense. Not close. Carolina 41-21.

10/08 Tampa Bay (4-1)
Shake it off. Tampa's marginally better this year and had to work extremely hard to beat a worthless Saints squad last season. Saints 24-17.

10/15 Philadelphia (5-1)
The beagles are not a pretty team and don't fare well against highly skilled offenses. This may be a shootout, but Saints prevail 45-39.


10/29 Baltimore (6-1)
How much is left in the tank for the Ravens' D? Does McNair have the targets to make it close?
No. Saints 23-17.

11/05 at Tampa Bay (6-2)
Some might say this is expected, but giddiness over the 6-1 start undermines this team. Bucs 17-14.

11/12 at Pittsburgh (6-3)
Unless Rothlesberger finds a Big Wheel outside Heinz Field at a tailgate, this will tell you where the Saints are relative to the goal of a Super Bowl. Steelers 27-7.

11/19 Cincinnati (6-4)
At least this will be at home and possibly against the Bungle's 3rd string qb. But maybe not. Cats 35-31

11/26 at Atlanta (7-4)
Make or break on playoffs for this game. Same story, different field. Saints 26-19

12/03 San Francisco (8-4)
Whew. Not even dirt on the uni's. Saints 51-27.

12/10 at Dallas (8-5)
Tuna's gonna show the pup how-to. 'Boys 21-17.

12/17 Washington (8-6)
Gnarly mess. Second home loss and playoffs starting to slip away. 33-28

12/24 at N.Y. Giants (9-6)
The Saints' home away from home provides a pleasant surprise. Cold and wind in the Meadowlands disrupts passing and it's all about fast running. Deuce and Reggie give the homey's a full highlight reel. Saints 38-17.

12/31 Carolina (10-6)
Win an in. In. Fire up the hookah boys and girls. Saints 31-30

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Holy high scores, Batman!

I would love for the Saints to have that record by seasons end but I will not allow my excitement for this season bring me to such high expectations for a recently renovated team.
The O-line is a great big question mark, I'm still not convinced that they've plugged the hole in the middle of the defense and the players have a new system to learn.

The Saints won't be 3-13 this year but they won't be 10-6 either. Somewhere in the middle is more like it.
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Da Saints Will Be Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone this is my first time posting here and what I have to say is relastively simple but all so true. Last year the Saints had good a team as many teams that actually made the playoffs, what they lacked was guidance,leadership,desire and heart!!! Coach Payton brings that along with the many coaching staff changes and you will see a much improved Saints team that will be in full stride by mid-season and beleive it or not they won't win the division but they will have a very good chance at it. The players and staff they've brought in will definitely give many TRUE SAINTS FANS a lot to cheer about and finally be vindicated after so many useless and uneventful seasons
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RE: Da Saints Will Be Good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last year the Saints had good a team as many teams that actually made the playoffs, what they lacked was guidance,leadership,desire and heart!!!
That's a bit of a reach I think. The defense wasn't there yet. And I don't think that the organization has yet made enough changes for them to get there this year.

Truthfully I'm looking for the Saints success to come in a two year window. The objective this year is to learn how to play smart, mistake free, football. Just as a reminder the team had 43 turnovers last year. That's nearly 3 a game! You can't win in this league turning over the ball three times a game. I expect this year's team to cut that in half.

Next on the plate is figuring out who are the true playmakers on both sides of the ball. If Brees, Horn, and Deuce can come anywhere near where they have in the past, they'll be fine. It's time to see if Stallworth finally becomes worthy of that #1 we spent on him 4 years ago. I predict that Reggie Bush will not dominate the NFL this year, though that's what everyone, especially the national media, wants. Truthfully I'd be satisfied if Bush could simply pull off one electrifying play a game and drive DC's nuts trying to figure out how not to make that happen 3 times a game. If he does only that, then Brees, Horn, Deuce, Stallworth, and the other veteran playmakers on this offense can do their job.

All of this is contingent on the O-Line stepping up and not being terrible or mediocre as many predict. I'll take average for the O-Line this year.

The defense is a total makeover. New players, new scheme, new coaches. It's a crapshoot. And that's how they're probably going to play. Some games the defense will dominate. Others they will probably get run over. I think it's a reach to think that this defense will reach any level of consistency this season. But this needs to be their mantra:

We only need to make one play and get off the field.

That's it. If the defense can make one play each drive, then they can be successful this year. I don't think they're going to dominate. But if they can rise up and make the critical stop, then they'll do fine this year.

I'm a realist. I want the Saints to be competitive and moving in the right direction this year. Less turnovers. Less penalties. More critical stops by the defense.

If I see that during the year, then I'll look forward to year two of the Payton regime. Another offseason of getting the right talent in. Another offseason of putting in scheme. Another offseason of gelling. Then this team will be ready to dominate.

Also I'm glad that we got Bush. He won't live up to the hype. People are calling him the next Gayle Sayers for instance. I'm glad that we got him because he'll shine a light on this team that they've never seen before. Also he'll suck up a lot of the spotlight so that others can do their job and be successful. Both of these are good things.

Looking forward to some good football this season.


Super Bowl Championships: New Orleans Saints:1, Carolina:0, Atlanta Chokers: STILL ZERO

Only Atlanta choked in an unchokable situation... Life is definitely good.
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