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pakowitz 05-07-2003 03:55 PM

Georgia coach on Sully: The Saint has ungodly potential

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Posted on May 7, 2003
Georgia defensive line coach Rodney Garner, who also coached Patriots tackle Richard Seymour and Jaguars tackle Marcus Stroud, says Saints' first-round pick Johnathan Sullivan could be better than those players - both of whom were first-round selections in 2001.

"He has the athletic ability of Richard and the power of Stroud," said Garner, who had another first-round draft pick last year in Saints defensive end Charles Grant. "He has unlimited potential. He's both in one. It's hard to find a guy that can run like that with that kind of power (25 repetitions at 225 pounds)."

Sullivan doesn't talk much, but he said a mouthful when asked during the NFL scouting combine how he compared himself to Seymour and Stroud.

According to agent Len Rowe, Sullivan said, "I'm two for one ... I'm the best of both worlds."

UNRESTRICTED FREE AGENTS: LB Bryan Cox (he's a good leader, but that's hard to do from sideline; likely to be gone); C Jerry Fontenot (Saints would like to see him come back and continue anchoring the offensive line and Fontenot is comfortable with the club); S Sammy Knight (time in New Orleans is done; Saints feel he lacks range to play in space); G/C Bubba Miller (spent year on and off roster as he rehabbed a foot injury; shouldn't draw a lot of interest and Saints are expected to bring him back); WR Jake Reed (slumped down stretch; Saints may take a chance with brother Dale Carter on his own).

RESTRICTED FREE AGENTS: CB Michael Hawthorne (tendered at $605,000; Saints will look at him as a safety, but there are doubts about whether he can make the transition).

EXCLUSIVE RIGHTS FREE AGENTS: S Steve Gleason (tendered at $450,000); LB Roger Knight (tendered at $300,000); KR/WR Michael Lewis (tendered at $375,000).

PLAYERS RE-SIGNED: PK John Carney (UFA; $4.42M/5 yrs, $500,000 SB/$50,00 RB; 2003 cap: $905,000); LB Curtis Holden (ERFA; $300,000/1 yr); RB Curtis Keaton ($605,000/1 yr); RB Fred McAfee (UFA; $755,000/1 yr; 2003 cap: $450,000); OT Scott Sanderson (UFA; $530,000/1 yr; 2003 cap: $450,000); FB Terrelle Smith (RFA; $605,000/1 yr); DE Willie Whitehead (UFA; 3 yrs, terms unknown); TE Boo Williams (ERFA; $375,000/1 yr).

PLAYERS ACQUIRED: CB Ashley Ambrose (FA Falcons; $7M/4 yrs, $1.5M SB; 2003 cap: $1.13M); RB Tavian Banks (FA; $375,000/1 yr); P Mitch Berger (UFA Rams; $4.205M/5 yrs, $450,000 SB/$50,000 RB; 2003 cap: $837,500); QB Todd Bouman (trade Vikings); TE Ernie Conwell (UFA Rams; 5 yrs, terms unknown); OT Wayne Gandy (UFA Steelers; $25M/6 yrs, $5M SB; 2003 cap: $2.833M); S Tebucky Jones (trade Patriots); LB Orlando Ruff (UFA Chargers; $3.17M/3 yrs, $375,000 SB; 2003 cap: $825,000).

PLAYERS LOST: LB Charlie Clemons (UFA Texans; $6.7M/4 yrs, $1.3M SB); QB Jake Delhomme (UFA Panthers; $4M/2 yrs, $1.5M SB/$400,000 report bonus); P Toby Gowin (UFA Cowboys; $3.889M/5 yrs, $500,000 SB); TE Lamont Hall (FA Falcons; 1 yr, terms unknown); CB Ken Irvin (UFA Vikings; $4.5M/3 yrs, $1.2M SB); OT Kyle Turley (traded Rams).

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