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Deuce or Bush

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; who will have the most yards from scrimmage (rushing and recieving combined) deuce or bush???...

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Deuce or Bush

who will have the most yards from scrimmage (rushing and recieving combined) deuce or bush???
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RE: Deuce or Bush

that's easy BUSH.
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Fully healthy Deuce, or still recovering Deuce? Fully healthy Deuce, I think he could rush for over 1000, and Reggie won't reach close to that. Rushing and receiving, i'd say fully heatlhy Deuce could hit 1300-1500 yards, since we can prob run a screen pass now, and Reggie, being a rookie and prob the focus now of most team's defenses, won't come in that high. By year two, he can prob eclipse that, but not as a rookie, no matter how great. Without a fully healthy Deuce though, i'd give the nod to Reggie.
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i'm still amazed at the college #'s.........
bush averaged almost 8 yds a carry.......
let's see..........give it to bush 10 times a drive and that should net a td.............
if both duece and bush stay healthy the whole season, payton should at least be able to mix it up enough that they both put up respectable #'s........
duece has already said he's on a mission to do what it takes.........so if duece stays healthy, i'll say duece edges him out by 100 yds or so..................smitty
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You have to remember that Bush played at USC which are mostly NFL caliber players! Now he isn't the best player on the best team! He isn't playing against teams made up of good talent with some great players sprinkled in...He'll now play more games against teams that are made up of the best (former) college players. In the NFL all the players are great and all of the teams compete to win! Reggie is a great talent, no doubt..we are fortunate to have the single best college player last year. Reggie will learn to wear several hats with N.O. Duece is a bruiser and can catch and has proven that he is a 1500 yard back when he's healthy! Will Reggie stay healthy? Will Reggie line up in the slot with Duece in the backfield?! Most likely he will. Duece will get his 20 carries/ game. Duece is the focal point of our RUNNING game and it will likely be that way in 2006. Reggie will be in the slot as a recieving threat and will give Duece a breather, in my opinion, but if Duece gets back to his form and plays to his potential he is top 3 backs in the league!
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Everyone seems to be one the same page here, with the big question mark being Duece staying healthy(or fully recovered). Reggie being a rookie, he won't have to carry the same load Duece is going to carry. I'm not saying he can't handle it, but he is a rookie in the NFL. His numbers in college mean nothing in the NFL. Teams won't be intimidated by him just because he is Reggie Bush, he will have to make them fear him. IMO, if Reggie does get more total yards than a healthy, and fully recovered Duece Mcallister, then we will have one of the if not the most feared offense in the league. So, I really, really, really hope Reggie gets more yards than the healthy Duece.
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you might be surprised. after reggie burns a few teams early they are going to over shift on him in motion leaving more one on one coverage for othe RBs, be it duce, karney or stecker.
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since we can prob run a screen pass now
Now wouldn't that be nice to see here again.
Let's not get our hopes too high though whodi.
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Not sure but I hope they can get 1,250+ yards this season each...
That would be sweet...
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With Reggie and Deuce on the field at the same time and the defences having to watch out for Reggie that should help opening up chances for Deuce catching passes out of the backfield.
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