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spkb25 08-12-2006 09:36 PM

cutler looks a whole lot better then young and boy am i glad we didn't take vince. oh thank god

AllSaints 08-13-2006 12:24 AM

RE: cutler/young
AMEN TO THAT!!! man young sux..... he will suck will never be a great QB in the league just average at best dont see young so much of any thing......... but getting injured guys a big target......... specially when he runs...... Cutler looked amazing i was really impressed..........

thib82 08-13-2006 12:28 AM

RE: cutler/young
I thought Vince showed good composer until that toss up in the endzone. mIt was downhill after that.

BoudinSandwich 08-13-2006 12:49 AM

RE: cutler/young
It was that fierce Saints' Defense! Hahahaha!

hagan714 08-13-2006 06:20 AM

RE: cutler/young
Funny the crow I will eat on cutler. he looked great with an OL for once in front of him. he could be the QB every one hyped about. Young looked a bit lost. he needs to catch up with the speed of the NFL or he could turn into another AB in reading the D.

gandhi1007 08-13-2006 07:42 AM

RE: cutler/young
I said it before the draft: "Running QB's are destined to get hurt against the speed of NFL defenses."

mighty12 08-13-2006 10:27 AM

RE: cutler/young
I was a huge supporter of Young and Cutler now after watching them play...........Cutler is Denver's new Elway and Young is............Well he looked slow. When you are a scrambling QB and you can't run pass our 3rd string D-line something is wrong. He did have a pass dropped that would have bolstered his stats, but he did not impress ANYONE!

thib82 08-13-2006 12:00 PM

RE: cutler/young
They guy is a better passer than Vick, but not nearly the runner he is, and Vick isn't nearly as effective as he was his second year in the league. If Vick can be stopped(obviously he can, 8-8 last season), then teams shouldn't have much problems stopping Young from running. Unless he can develop as a good passer, he won't be the star in the NFL that he was in college.

TallySaint 08-14-2006 07:52 AM

That was only one preseason game, fellas.


D24pick 08-14-2006 08:22 AM


I like VY, but he has to think better and quicker if he wants to succeed...He looked kinda dumb, but Cutler brung his game...I know he can be a good QB

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