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my observations from last night....

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I gotta agree with thib82 on the gelling. An offensivle line HAS to gel. They are a unit, regardless. I dont care how good a left tackle is, there are still four other guys as well. Its not one on ...

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El Mero Mero
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I gotta agree with thib82 on the gelling. An offensivle line HAS to gel. They are a unit, regardless. I dont care how good a left tackle is, there are still four other guys as well. Its not one on one all the time there. Guys have to know when to double team or pick up a blitz or force guys to a different area or into another lineman. The offensive line is a team within a team. They all have to feel each other out and know and anticipate what the other will do, just like a running back has to learn how and when they open a hole. Its just about comfort and knowing the guy next to you and how they do their job, so collectively, as a whole, the offensive line can do THEIR job.
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i'm not saying that they don't have to "gel"... i'm saying that the primary focus is not what the guy on the side of you is doing, but what the guy in front of you is doing or is going to do.... notice i never said they don't have to work collectively or "gel" but even if they do "gel" but can't block anyone, what good is it? that's my point, which every single one of you is missing... ya'll are hung up on the "gelling" thing, but if the line is subpar to begin with, who gives a care if they "gel"?
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every single one of you is missing...
It's not me that's crazy.....it's all the rest of you! Just kidding of course but doesn't it sound the same? No offense meant.
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El Mero Mero
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yea, the line is subpar, we know that, i dont think any of them are dramitically gunna improve and be pro bowlers with only 4 preseason games under their belt. But if they play as a unit, not 5 guys individually trying to stop the other team, i think our chances are alot better. It doesnt matter how many big money stars you have, if they dont play like a team, yer not gunna win the superbowl. Look at the Redskins, theyve spent so much money on superstars and no title recently. Im not saying on their O-line, just their team in general. I dont rememeber the patriots having tons of big money guys when they had their superbowls runs. All im saying is, the only way this line will improve is by gelling. hehe, they aint gunna be superstars overnite. The only ones i have hope for are Brown and Faine being a serviceable guy like Fontenot was.
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i noticed that jason craft keeps getting beat over and over again....
hass and colston look GREAT!
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Here's my reactions from the game:

Coaching-wise, I imeediately saw differences from last year. The defense played in tighter and played more man-2-man. They didn't blitz very often, but hey it's pre-season. The offense and the playcalling really developed nicely. Joe Horn seemed to wake up the passing game when he made those two 20-yard catches. The receivers (even Henderson) ran much better routes than in previous years and the Saints QBs and receivers, with few exceptions, seemed to be on the same page. I attribute a lot of this to the coaching. The Saints now have a passing game that is designed to spread the ball around and exploit defensive coverages. I like the pass to set up the run philosophy. I think we'd be at our best using Reggie and the passing game for the most of the drive and then, when their D shows signs of fatigure, bring in Deuce to finish 'em off. I think had Deuce played last night, we would have had one more TD.

Our glaring weakness is definitely stopping the run. We need a good young, if not yet great, DT like Tenn has in Haynesworth. Also our LB's can't seem to get off their blocks and our secondary has to make too many tackles. There is still a big void at MLB, we've gotta hope someone steps up there, or maybe Nate Wayne has something left. Colby actually looked like the best LB out there again, but that was more by default than anything special he did. Well at least our defense should naturally be a little better this year if the offense can move the ball and keep them rested a little more.

Our special teams had a horrible night on the coverage and return units. That's OK as long as they get things fixed now. Maybe it will get better as the roster get peared down and we find out which special teams aces will make the team.

Something I found a little humorous during the game. Even with all the hype and excitement Reggie brings, there were a few times, especially between plays, when I'd watch the Saints players and see #25 I had to keep telling myself it wasn't Fred McAfee. Hey it's pre-season for us too right ? I always see #'s and identify the players that way, more than I realize. What's up with Billy Miller wearing #48 and all the WR's wearing 10-something numbers?

For what it's worth, outside of that last pass attempt, I thought Vince Young looked good. He looked so composed out there - maybe a little more relaxed and sure of himself because he doesn't have to carry the offense and make so many of the plays like he did w/ Texas. He didn't look ltoo bad taking the snap from center. A lot of Titans dropped balls on him. His height and build remind me of AB sometimes, but his poise and playing style look like McNabb.
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Agreed JoeSam. I like the fact that we got to see alot of the new guys out there for a large amount of time. It makes the cuts much clear later on. man some of these cuts are going to be tuff.
I like what I saw out of the three new guys we signed. thought Nanton and Williams showed some flashes out there.
Our CB looked to be playing catch up all game. here is a bigger weakness than the LB's IMO. Thought the safeties were over adjusting on the WRs. Getting Mike back is not enough to correct this. If the CB can be trusted more the Safties can worry more about plugging the lanes against the running game.
I am concerned about the Strong side of the D as a unit. Whitehead, Smith, Fujita and Fincher got hammered time and time again against the run.
Brown does not seem to have the foot speed needed to play LT. Maybe it is more tech than speed. seemed to stop shallow on his drops on passing downs. Now Ben looked good. sure second teamers were in but he moved better. maybe he should be our LT. like to see the saints play him with the first team next game and move Brown back to the right just to see if Ben can handle it. at least for a quarter.
WR may come down to making cap room. they all played well. except henderson. funny one drop in this group and you standout. this is a good thing.
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We will see about the WR situation...I like that there are going to be some tough cuts at WR...I wish the cuts on defense were going to be just as hard...I still think Donte is going to be traded and that is part of the reason why he was not played on Saturday, we will know this week...Make Haas impressed me...liked Colston and Moore...Liked Branch too...
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Harper played very well, and Stout looked good to be an oldie...He was up in the air at the right ime deflecting passes and assisting on tackles...

On Phillips, I thought we were stupid at 1st for skipping em n the draft, but now I know why...He doesn't do stupid reads or anything, he just isn't physical or quick enough...Lay and Mason were laying it out, out there...Mason is always making ways to act on the ball, and Lay is never beat on routes and he is a very smart player on the ball...One more thing I'd like to see is J.Thomas get more development and play...

On ST, I'd like to see Kuale and McPherson stay...Other than that, they suck! A QB got more tackles than Gleason and our others, Kuale was blasting and we weren't making any penetration onto the ballcarrier for tackles...We really need to get a grip

I'd like to give some points to Minucci and Ninkovich, they may not have did the most but they looked good...Nink was getting so much preesure, he was the one who set up Smith's sack...He tackled the crap outta one guy, too...And Minucci did alot of stuffing with spedd and power on the run, he made some nice moves and plays, once he used pure strength and speed to deflect one of Youngs' passes

Colby played harder on D than ever...He was all over those RB's and recivers...He made some tough penetration to get those tackles, too...

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I like what I saw out of Nink...I think he could be a good compliment to WS if Grant fails to step up his game this year...Hope out DT's can get better penetration on Bledsoe next week and beyond...Nink looked faster than I thought he would be...Disapointed in Fincher
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