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Reggie's fine for his Shoes...WTF?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; This could be the dumbest fine I have ever heard of....

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This could be the dumbest fine I have ever heard of.
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For real, the man wanted those sneakers and he wore them
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Guys, this stuff happens ALL OF THE TIME in today's corporate world. It's no biggie.
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We are talking about "The No Fun League" here.
It isn't suprising that we are having this debate.
Reggie has a Brand Name. It is #05 USC Heisman Trophy Reggie Bush.
He and his sponsor Adidas are going to capitalize on that name.
God Bless Them!
Rickey did the same thing........ or rather, No Limit did it to him.
Even if Reggie is fined or disallowed from wearing the shoes, he and Adidas will sell twice as many because we and the media are talking about this.
I am not hating on the NFL on this point though.
Think of the possibilities if agents and sponsors were allowed to go unchecked.
I dig Chad Johnson.
Unchecked................ probably not so much.

I'm no one.
Who are you?
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f****ing Corp deals in advertising. thats all this is. The entire first unit should wear the shoes. maybe we should hang banners of the shoes at the dome during the season or would the the NFL make us take them down?
I bet all the players wear the same brand of Jock Straps too. or does the NFL go around and check those too?
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her is a link for it...it was just for the cleets being ADIDAS

No Fun League

I love that Reggie said " adidas took care of it"
didn't payton manning want to wear high top cleets and NFL said no so he didn't wear them
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Funny thing is, Reebok makes most (if not all) of the uniforms for NFL teams.
Reebok, alonng with UnderArmour and Nike, have shoe contracts with the NFL.
Guess who owns Reebok?
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Originally Posted by ATX_SAINT
I heard it before the game on (Sirius NFL Radio) that Adidas agreed to pick up the tab. The league sent him a letter tell him that he would be fined if he wore those cleats.
Told ya'll. :P
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First, let me say that it seems like a somewhat silly issue. But, the NFL is a private business. As such, it gets to make the rules for its employees (the players).

As I understand it, the NFl has exclusive shoe contracts with Reebok and Nike that state that only those two brands may be worn by players and personnel in game situations. I would be very surprised if it is not plainly stated in Reggie's contract that he is to adhere to all of the rules and regulations of the league and must honor their existing and future contracts. That would include shoe deals.

This would not preclude him from signing a shoe deal of his own with a non-NFL affiliated company like Adidas, just from wearing those shoes during league games.

The stories I read stated that he was fined $10 for wearing the shoes and that Adidas was paying the fine. I guess they see it as worth $10 a game to get the exposure to fans. But if reggie keeps flaunting the league, I would not be surprised to see the fines go up considerably.

On a business level, it is obviously a serious enough issue to worry the league bean counters, but on a personal level, it is still quite silly.

Just mey thoughts...

Go SAINTS!!!!!

David in Houston
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Technically......since adidas owns reebok, wouldn't adidas be a reebok (and hence an NFL) brand?
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