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Grant at LB?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I realize that it may be a little late in the season for this, but with such a glaring need for LBs, why not convert an already trimmed down Grant? At 280, he may be a bit heavy, but he ...

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Grant at LB?

I realize that it may be a little late in the season for this, but with such a glaring need for LBs, why not convert an already trimmed down Grant? At 280, he may be a bit heavy, but he has speed, ability to shed blocks, great tackling skills, good ball awareness and the intelligence to transition. I know that learning coverages may be tough, but defenses have been known to be flexible. He still could guard a tight end or spy on a mobile qb. Why not make this "LT" type move? How much could this hurt?
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I wouldn't expect this. I've suggested palying Will Smith at MLB for 2 years becuase we had Howard and Grant. They never tried it then so I definitely don't see it happening now that Howard is gone. I think Fincher or Foreman will be able to handle it. What's the word on Nate Wayne?
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Never gonna happen.
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If anyone would be moved to LB, Will Smith would be the one to fit the mold. But........like whodi said above.......Never gonna' happen.
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that idea doesn't even make any sense.
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No no and no. If anyone, Smith would be able to make that transition because he was sought out to be a linebacker when he was drafted by some teams. But why in the world would you even consider moving either of the two? Two successful ProBowl caliber/potential players at their respective positions and move them so they can learn a new position? Then they'd have to lose 20 or 30 pounds more before the season and that's going to affect their play bigtime. Heck why not tell Karney to gain 50 pounds and play on the offensive line.
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Noway in hell will that work.

The only way we will get the LB we need
is through the draft. We just have to go with
what we have now and hope like hell Payton
get a couple of good LB next year!

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The easiest player to move to MLB that is good at it, that plats DE is Ninkovich...The guy had a big yr for his college team at both poditions, he has speed as well
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While playing black jack at a casino one nite, i had two 10's. I asked the dealer if i should split. His response was, "if you had a ten inch pecker, would you cut it in half?"

We have one of the best DE tandems in the nfl. Y split it up? We have no one else to take his place. We have plenty of LB's to figure out who the best three starters are. I'm not bein a smart ***, just a thought. :P
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Apologies to whomever made this statement about Jamaal Brown's move to LT. I cannot remember who said it but it fits this situation as well.
[paraprase] "Why take a known commodity and change it to create two unknowns"?
I'm not feeling it xan.
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