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Cooky591 05-08-2003 01:11 PM

Here is a Thought
With the speculation of us signing of Victor Green, I had a thought(which is scary enough). But this just an idea of what we could do if somethings fall into place. We sign Victor Green, Keep Jay Bellmany. Start Green at SS, Mel Mitchel at FS(if he is as fast as they say he is) and then play T-Buck at CB. T-Buck has played the position before and he has the speed for it. This is a crazy idea, but it might work if the coaches think Carter and Ambrose might not be the solution, I have a supcision they will though. Also lets hyope that there is a high profile MLB is cut June 1, maybe a Al Wilson(probably not likely), Jamie Winborn(I think he was hurt lkast year) or someone else like that. Like I said just a thought

truck 05-08-2003 02:04 PM

Here is a Thought
I would not expect tebucky to play any corner. If memory serves correct (again I may be wrong here) but I think when he was drafted the pats toyed with the idea of playing him at corner. for whatever reason, he could not do it- that is why he is a safety. plus, you just do not pay a guy that much money to switch positions. he would not even be our third corner if he made that switch. plus, i know the safety positions (fs and ss) for the saints are pretty similar but i\'m not so sure v green or mel could handle a fs position. tebucky can play either. mel and v green is not an upgrade from bellamy and knight in my opinion.
I agree with you as to the linebacker thing- we seem to have the money and not a single starter we have is a proven thing. However, someone told me that the saints are apparently in love with orlando ruff. he apparently looks and works out like a beast. So while I would love an al wilson, i would not expect us to make that kind of move unless they decide that darrin smith will play the outside.
That being said, I am really holding out for one more impact fa. Either lb sopt or maybe a veteran corner (depending on where they feel hawthorne is at right now). also, a backup rb would not kill us either.

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