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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I think he is ready to be the #1 WR....

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I think he is ready to be the #1 WR.
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oh no whodi has to cut me off at the pass.
we already beaten to death that "objective" thing, whats was it?
oh yeah the definition of a drop pass.

Your boy will get his chance. Lets see what he does. I betting on a repeat of history again. here or else where
top 10 finish in drops again this year.
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Can I take a slight step back. The one thing that may help Stalls is that we have a more consistent QB this year. That May....MAY....help him. I still think he is headcase potential based on the off season stuff. And as much as we bash Brooks, he let a lot of balls get away from him that were more than catchable. Either of those things will land him in Paytons dog house for sure if it persists. Guess only time will tell. In reality I hope he has the greatest year ever, and the Saints win the Superbowl. But that has been my hope since the inception of this franchise...I Believe

Respect my authori-tie
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NO WAY POSSIBLE STALLWORTH LEADS IN THE RECIEVING CATAGOREY we have a healthy JOE HORN DUH!!! but hey i want to keep stallworth to........
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Originally Posted by AllSaints
NO WAY POSSIBLE STALLWORTH LEADS IN THE RECIEVING CATAGOREY we have a healthy JOE HORN DUH!!! but hey i want to keep stallworth to........
Ways possible...

If Horn blows his knee out after the 3rd game perhaps?
If Horn stays injured like he did all last year?
If Horns age finally catches up to him like it started to do last year.
If Brees develops some chemistry with Stallworth.
Stallworth is in a contract year, and for some reason players seem to do very well.

Stallworth made huge strides last year. I wouldn't say there's NO WAY POSSIBLE he leads us in receptions.
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I really think, if he isn't gone by week one, he won't be traded or cut this season. But, I think that no matter what kind of season he has (except for a pro-bowl year), this will be Donte's last season as a Saint. It will take some major improvement in his work ethic and attitude for Payton to change his mind about this guy.
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first, I AM a stall fan. I think he should be kept but long termed or ready to pay franchise cost next year. That said, I just do not think there is any real chance for him to be here in '07. So if he is gonna go, DO get something for him. The wealth young good looking receivers, even if unproven, certainly makes this easier.

Check his myspace page (real). Then imagine Payton talking to him through the window of his Bentley... LOL

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Stallworth is a good player who is quickly becoming expendable on this team.

Does anyone think he has reached the height of his potential?
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You know i must say Horn is over 30. We all know once your over 30 your bones start to get as fragile as rice cakes, or shall I say a fragile wine glass. Don't get me wrong I hope he does well but I don't see hime fulfilling his contract. I mean I think Duece and horn have contracts till 2012. Bye the way i'm only buying jersey's for now on of players that will retire saints. Horn looks like he will. He is than supposively he is looking into movie stardom. Damn still don't understand why he didn't take any of thoughs cell phone commercial offers lmao that would be funny. Just run the replay of him pulling out the cell phone. Thats gold right there.
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Not to keep beating a dead horse but...

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