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truck 05-09-2003 03:19 PM

can a cap expert explain this to me
Question for those who know more about the slaray cap than I do:
If the Saints (or any other team in the NFL) is under the cap going into the season, why would they not rework contracts of players on their existing roster to max out the cap for this year thereby creating room for next year? I am struggling to ask this question in a clear manner so here is an example:

2003 Saints are 5 million under after all picks are signed (hypothetical). WHy not rework contract for any player you know you will have for a few years (T Jones or J Horn or D Stallworth) whereby their contract does not change, only their base salary for the current year is increased by taking it out of base salries for futire years. So if Tebucky had a base this year of 3.1 and a base for 2004 of 3.3, why not restructure whereby his base this year is 5.1 and his base for 2004 is 1.3 (which means more room in 2004). Isn't this a better alternative that just eating that space in 2003? Or is this impractical or against cap rules? Anybody know? If it is OK byt he rules, are there teams out there that do this?

pakowitz 05-09-2003 04:56 PM

can a cap expert explain this to me
that would work but..... there are the june 1st cuts which teams will be lookin to sign some bargan players and then during the season injuries occur and they sign FAs who havent been signed

SCSaintsFan 05-09-2003 05:51 PM

can a cap expert explain this to me
If you were to front load the contract like that, wouldn\'t you then run the risk of having the same player come back later and want even MORE? Plus, I believe teams prefer to back load the contract with BS money. Is Daunte really going to collect 100 mil? Doubtfull. Plus, If you frontload like that, and the player is hurt you\'ve lost even more, because you have less room to work. I may have it all wrong, but I bet if you asked players, they would LOVE the senerio you layed out. Owners, would probably hate it.

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