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iceshack149 05-09-2003 05:01 PM

NFL Options
Two things came up in the past few months with the NFL brass. Neither will happen this year but may in the future and I'm interested in what you guys think:

1. Adding one more team in each conference for play-off contention.
I'm for this. Not just because the Saints would have made the play-offs last year but because the NFL has added more teams since the current amount of play-off teams was introduced.

2. Changing the current regular season games played from sixteen to eighteen.
I'm torn on this but I'm more for not changing it to 18. That gives teams two more games to lose players to injury. As a football fan without worrying about injury I'd love to watch that much more football though. The season goes by sooo fast.

LordOfEntropy 05-09-2003 09:49 PM

NFL Options
I\'m definitely in support of the additional 2 games.

I ***** every year that football should be all year long!!

nocloning 05-10-2003 03:03 PM

NFL Options
With you on both issues, iceshack.
It\'s still hard to qualify for a play-off game when you have to be seventh out of 16, so only the elite teams will play. They\'ve added quite a few teams and it would be only fair to add one play-off spot per conference. Can\'t think of arguments against it except \"it\'s always been done this way\". 6 play-off games on one weekend! Also expect this to happen in the next ...hmm ... 5 years.
No to the 18 games regular season. Simply gives the Saints more time to start a season ending slump, erm, I mean, simply leads to more stars being out injured in the play-offs. I especially like the 16 games format - again - after they split the conferences up to 4 divisions. Having less inrar-divisional match-ups makes it easier to plan a fair schedule for all teams in 16 games.

ssmitty 05-11-2003 05:56 AM

NFL Options
my two is always the bottom line when things change. certainly they\'ll make more off the fans for 2 more games but they\'ll also have to pay more to the players. and injuries, you play more, you get hurt more.........i agree 1st place teams should have the break, they deserve it.......while i would love to see more football, i also miss the shorter season which made me hunger for it all the more.........smitty

LordOfEntropy 05-12-2003 01:11 AM

NFL Options
I see and understand the points that are being made regarding limiting the season to 16 games. They are valid.

Regardless, I\'d like to say a couple (of probably very stupid) things:

1) why use four preseason games? What\'s wrong with starting directly with REAL games? Now I know that there are advantages to having a preseason to figure things out - you get time to try out your crew, see what works, see who doesn\'t work, see what guys do under pressure, see what they don\'t do, see who makes the grade, etc. But players themselves abhore preseason - it\'s just a chance to get hurt, or a chance to get cut, your stats don\'t count but YOU could get hurt - and it doesn\'t even count towards the ending..... Veterans hate it. And I do too. I\'d rather see all games as regular games. Each team would be on equal footing because they\'d all have to abide by the same rule.

2) NFL players make anywhere from 150,000 to 5,000,000 a year. Now I know that these guys work for at -least- three quarters of the year struggling to better themselves, but the bottom line is that they only play four months of actual games per year. WHY??? Because a longer season would result in more injury? Because fans would lose interest? Because it\'s too hard to deal with the accounting if a change is introduced? We\'re not living in the 1920\'s anymore where football is at the mercy of seasons. Further, players these days are in the NFL to make money. And they WILL make money, regardless of whether the season is lengthened, shortened, or kept status quo. No team gets an advantage, because all are equally hurt by a longer season. So why not do a longer season? Because fans will lose interest... yeah right. Because accounting is too hard to handle... yeah right. Becaue more people will get injured - yes, but more unknown faces would get chances to prove themselves. Or maybe... just maybe... maybe because players and staff like having a longer vacation... hmmm, now maybe that\'s more realistic. 150,000 (minimum) to work for four months. I as an avid football fan don\'t have to like that - I don\'t. In fact, I detest it. Eight months of golf, basketball, baseball, tennis, ping-pong, lacrosse, pool, checkers, backgammon, chess, scrabble, nose-picking and boredom... Look, if players can\'t play a longer season then they don\'t have to. But I see no reason why football should be limited to four months of games. Or rather, the reasons I see for limiting the season seem to me wholly inconsequential.

Flame away.

[Edited on 12/5/2003 by LordOfEntropy]

10&6 05-12-2003 09:31 AM

NFL Options
why don\'t we let every team into the playoffs and call it the nba or nhl?

iceshack149 05-12-2003 02:32 PM

NFL Options
Good posts guys. That\'s why I love this site. The majority of the people who post messages are well versed in two of my favorite issues. The New Orleans Saints and the NFL.

LOE has a good point about the preseason games. At the very least they could shorten the preseason to two games and tack on the other two games to the regular season. But then you run into the problem that Gator pointed out (very well I might add) which is that the majority of the contracts, if not all, would have to be restructered. Not only that but the record books would be filled with asterisks due to the change.

As much as I love this game, the more games that are played, the less important they become (another good Gator point). Even now with the NBA and NHL play-offs on t.v. I don\'t make it a point to watch every play-off game. It\'s ridiculous to get to the post season and have so many oporitunities to advance. That\'s the beauty of the NFL. You have to win every game. Not only in the play-offs but in the regular season as well. EVERY game has importance. You want to win to get homefield advantage in the play-offs. It would be even better if you get a first round bye.

The season is short. It makes me want more. It\'s true what they say, you always want what you can\'t have. If you dillute the sport by adding more games, how badly will I want the next season to start? It\'s not the NBA or NHL with 82 games. Or even more absurd, 162 games that baseball has. The NHL season starts almost as soon as it ends. How goofy is that? I think that this is one reason why the NFL is the most popular sport in the U.S.A. now.(That and it\'s just more exciting.) :D

pakowitz 05-12-2003 03:16 PM

NFL Options
im torn on the issue of extending the season to more then 16 games... while i would love to see more games (who wouldnt)... i think it would cause many problems in the NFL.. including the injuries, salary and ticket adding the 2 games as stated.. the players will want to be payed for those 2 extra games increasing the salary cap by who knows how much inturn the owners by having to pay that extra $$ will want to jack up ticket prices even more then they already are... now i know that some people can afford season tickets, but most people cant and spending 40 bucks on a general admission ticket can even stretch ones budget.....i know i cant afford something like that.. while i would like it... from a economic standpoint.. it would be good for the owners and players but for the fans.... who knows...

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