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steelcurtain 09-11-2006 09:03 PM

Ok. Our defensive line looked great. Cleveland does not have the best Ol in the league, but they are solid. I love the rookie from purdue. If ya'll will realize last year, Brooks was three in out, 75% of the time. Give our big boys a rest, and they will produce. The linebacksrs are smart; havnt had that sinnce Sam Mills. He was a small guy, but he did his job unlike all the linebacks from last year. Their rap sheet showed that. Brees(poise!!!) brings a new era to the saints, and with the young players "jumping in the water" will help us tremendously in the PLAYOFFS! Yes sir PLAYOFFS! We have the coach, players(BUSH), confindence, and no Brooks. Ya'll will beat me down on this, but the bags over the head are in the past sons! 2-0 into Monday night. Be positive every now n then, n just maybey we all can go down to Miami this year. hmmm? playoffs are fine. I loved the play fron the right guard posistion; he is a stud! I am out, have a great day!

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