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this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by saintswhodi I know we are all excited about what our D did against the Browns, but we do realize they had a 75 yard TD called back cause of a penalty, and had a chance before the ...

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Originally Posted by saintswhodi
I know we are all excited about what our D did against the Browns, but we do realize they had a 75 yard TD called back cause of a penalty, and had a chance before the half to make the game close on at least a FG if they didn't fumble. And that was with Charlie Frye. While I do expect us to beat Green Bay, cleveland beat themselves a little bit too. Not that I won't take it, I will. But like someone said, we have two young safeties, and if anyone can exploit that, it may be Favre. We SHOULD win, but I am not basing that on how we played against freaking Cleveland. How many times did we settle for FGs in the red zone? No, I think we will win cause I flat out believe top to bottom we are simply better than Green Bay. From coaching on down to kicker. Yup, even Carney. But when I hear people talk about what we did against Cleveland, I just think damn, are we that desperate? It was Cleveland. The road only gets tougher from here.
Agreed. Green averaged 5.5 a carry (20-110) against the Bears defense. That's solid. I think we'll win this game for all the reasons you mentioned, but we just beat Cleveland, not the Steelers. If we go 2-0 to start, the Falcons will be the real test.
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Fully agree with Wodi and Xan. As I mentioned elsewhere While the D looked good up front, our secondary can and will be easily exploited by better teams. Without looking most of the penalties given up where in the secondary, and Winslow had a field day with Harper inducing many of those penalties. Cleavland shot themselves in the foot on many drives. While it is nice to see a + in the turnover column for once our offense needs some improvement. I don't think Greenbays D will be able to stop our offence but if the passes are not crisper and more on the money to the widouts we could be in a shootout.
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Originally Posted by saintswhodi
I know we are all excited about what our D did against the Browns, but we do realize they had a 75 yard TD called back cause of a penalty, and had a chance before the half to make the game close on at least a FG if they didn't fumble.
... and I'd point out that:

if it weren't because of the holding penalty, Fry would've gotten sacked -or at the very least hit- and wouldn't have completed that pass. Look at the replay.

The fumble at th end of the half was forced by the Saints defense who broke into the backfield and swatted the ball out of Frye's hands.
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Once again, I am going by what did happen, and not what coulda happened. The facts are: There was a pass for 75 yards for a TD. It was called back on a penalty. The speculation is: Frye would have gotten sacked or knocked down. Here's some speculation: The tackle lines up correctly and Frye simply has the time to throw the ball. Did that happen? No? Well neither did a sack. A penalty negated a 75 yard TD pass. There's no disputing that.
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it's kinda fun reading Packer boards...

The packers had better be ready for New Orleans. I watched the replay of their game against Clevelend and they looked very good. We need somebody who is fast to cover Bush catching passes out of the backfield. Something that I have been preaching all along. WE need to get the ball to Green and Franks on short passing routes. Bush is very dangerous as a runner, but I think we can contain him if we play tight and fast. Catching the ball is another matter. Poppingga, Barnett and or Hawk will not be able to stay with this kid and it will be BIG trouble. I say we need to put a safety or nickel back on him when we think they are going to him on a pass play. Our linebackers are too slow to stay with him and even a safety will have trouble. MM had better get these guys prepared because New Orleans has a very diversified offense this year and their defense kept pressure on Cleveland all day long. Brees is a very accurate passer and we have to pressure him with our D-line or it will be another LONG DAY for the Pack. This N.O. team is hungry and they have new weapons they never had before, so the Pack has to be alert all the time. Pickett and Allen, or Jenkins, and or Cole need to plug the middle because they use McAllister for power running and Bush for cutback and outside runs. Bush is very fast so he also poses a major problem for KJB and Kampy coming around the ends so Hawk and Poppingga need to help out and swarm to the ball.

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Exactly. I know I've already said New Orleans has had a 50% roster turnover, but what impressed me have very few mistakes were made for a group of new guys just starting to play together. Especially the linebackers and O-Line. Our secondary I think is what might get us in trouble. But if we are consistent in our pressure in the backfeild, it will go a ways in masking it. Really Fred Thomas is reliable but nothing special. McKennsie is having problems. But the biggest thing is our offense is hard to defend because it is so multi-dimensional. And Bush is a big part of that. But Bush wouldn't nearly have as much impact if we didn't already have other talent. Just cutting down stupid mistakes we've been known for will win us a game or two. Cause we've been "in" games before were we mistaked ourselves right out of.
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To be fair to Cleveland, the Browns did quite a bit self-destructing to help the Saints win. Holding penalties, while pretty obvious and deserved because they altered the play outcome, killed them. A better o-line and the Browns would have cakewalked. Also, a dumb handoff cost them 3 points and a lazy receiver cost them the opportunity for a chance at the win.

I wouldn't get too ahead of myself because the Pack might just be better than the Browns.
That's funny, isnt that the exact same reason why saints teams of the past five years couldnt get the job done.....woulda, shoulda, coulda. After 24 years of being a saints fan, I have learned to never expect a win with this team, but I really hope that we dont see the "Cure-All-Saints" from the last time they played the Packers.
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hey i am worried about his game. i guess i am the only one. their team has to be hurt after last week. they have to come out and play as good as they can to get the win. plus driver is no sluch. green looks like he can still run. their oline might be bad but i think this game is a tough one. i am a little worried.
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green bay at the lamb is always a tough one. but with the stinky birds in town next week we better play well. this is a not going to be an easy game if the front 4 do not get pressure on brett.
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I think the saints have to come out and be as physical as they were in week 1, and they have to get the ball into the endzone instead of kicking field goals, and if they do that, they win the game. The Packers have a team full of young guys, me-first vets, and Favre and Driver. I think the Pack is more than capable of hanging 30+ points on us this weekend if we dont bring our A-game. If we come to play...we win.
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