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***Members, why do we put up with bashers here?***

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I don't agree with you Gale. I side with Whodi on this one. Can I ask you, in all seriousness, how long have you truly been a Saints fan? No offense meant by this question. I'd just like to know ...

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I don't agree with you Gale. I side with Whodi on this one. Can I ask you, in all seriousness, how long have you truly been a Saints fan? No offense meant by this question. I'd just like to know how long.
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I totally respect everyone here and the ones that come to post who don't take it personal when someone disagrees with ones opinions... that is perfectly fine and you post anywheres you have to expect different personalities and different opinions or posting on a board like this is POINTLESS. Its the JERK-OFF newbies that come in here and start name calling because they are such idiots not to respect people and there opinions. I have had disagreements with others on here and yet I respect them. The ones who have been around for years now know exactly whats going on and know how to respect all. Those are the ones not calling for people to leave because they aren't 'fans'. What the hell is up with the 'you said blah', so you aren't a fan??? You must be a communist because blah. GET REAL, grow some skin, and grow up... stop with the personal attacks and bring some debate and respect.

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The key is recognizing the difference between bashing and being realistic.

If the Saints go to Indy and I said I thought we would lose, I am not bashing the team. I am being realistic.

I'll be honest. I saw last week's game as a 21-17 Saints loss. But, I sat in front of my TV for every down, rooted my butt off, and we won. It was a great win, seeing the team actually execute and be the ones benefiting from mistakes and not making them.

I have a buddy who never has a realistic take. Every year, he says the Saints are going to win the superbowl. I find such blind optimism just as silly as blind pessimism.

I am as big of a Saints fan as you will meet. But, I have opinions on our strengths and weaknesses.
Even if we win today, we can't just assume we are a playoff team. These are 2 of our lesser opponents (weeks one and two). But, I will sure as hell take it. Maybe we can surprise some people with our new look.

Today could be the end of an era in Green Bay. I don't feel great about us winning or being favored at Lambeau. That doesn't make me a basher, it's just how I see. I went to southern miss and have always rooted for Favre. But.......I'll take a 4 pick day and him being forced to the bench for a Saints win. Just because I think this will be a tough test doesn't mean I don't want us to pass it. Oh, and I will also enjoy calling all of McCarthy's plays like I did for 4 years.

My take on bashing is just not to mistake objective criticism of this team as "hating" on the team. We're Saints fans....we're not real good at handling success. That's just the way it is.
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Well put yasoon.
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Originally Posted by saintswhodi
Wow, new fans are really annoying. On one hand it's good to have them, on the other, there is no way in hell they can understand what it is to have been a Saints fan all your life. The only people "bashing" the team are ones here to start trouble. Just cause some people didn't get moist over a win over the Browns, doesn't mean they aren't a fan. Cautiously optimistic, yes. We have the 3rd toughest schedule in the league, in the toughest or at least second toughest conference in the NFL. We HAVE NOT been tested, and will not be unil week 3 when Atlanta comes knocking. We got a win last week and that's always a good thing, but perspective is not a bad thing, or a knock against the team. When someone says thay are a "new fan" and come in talking about playoffs and such when they didn't give a crap about the Saints 6 months or so ago, their opinion really doesn't hold much weight for me when they start calling out people who have been fans all their lives.
Well said whodi.........
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true fans bemoan mistakes and point out weaknesses and rail against the stupid. Dumb chuckleheads pick fights with true fans.
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I'm definately guilty of bashing from time to time. That is what this web site is for though, isn't it. To praise when due. To bash when ur pissed because Brooks just threw the ball to the other team and walked off the field with the biggest smile i've ever seen on his face. I swear, I always thought he was auditioning for a toothpaste commercial or something. Anyway, do like i do. If i see something i don't like, just move on to the next topic.
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We are all Saints fans here. There are different colors and shades. Trolls who skirt the line of being a pain in the butt are the problem, unfortunately they don't have a life.

Welcome to the Saints community gale44hawkins. As you can tell there are many shades of fans and everyone appreciates your enthusiasm.

Nuff said. Welcome one and all.
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