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Main concern for the game Monday

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Originally Posted by AllSaints Main person we have to stop Vick its that easy we stop vick we win..... I disagree. Dunn is the key. When he rushes well, their offense goes in the right direction. You don't try to ...

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Originally Posted by AllSaints
Main person we have to stop Vick its that easy we stop vick we win.....
I disagree. Dunn is the key. When he rushes well, their offense goes in the right direction.

You don't try to stop Vick. That means attacking him, and he feeds off that because he's generally faster than the player that's attacking him. You have to bottle Vick up, contain him. Preferably make him throw the ball into a tight spot. Your D-Line has to create a pocket he cannot escape from and have some type of spy to make sure he doesn't escape out the back. You would literally do better with a slowly collapsing pocket.

Or even better. The best way to shut down a ball control offense is to have your own ball control offense. I don't think the Falcons D is as tough as everyone thinks it is.


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consider this.....
in two wins, the saints offense has worn the defense down....
while katrina could be to blame for the saints season last year,
we also had hass, and less conditioning in my mind.......
3 and out seemed like our motto....................
if payton can continue to direct the offense and keep the defense
on the field, this yr in itself could become very exciting........
i think payton is fully focused on this atlanta team.......
and also remember, the falcons have come out the gate
quickly the last few years, in fact, they pretty much manhandled us
or in laymans terms, had their way with us.......
what if we pull the tables conditioning wise........
what if we get in their faces for a change?
what if we downright slap these be atches.................
(of course we could get killed too......)
but, i don't think so, not til another team proves it to me..
while vick may run free, he'd better be careful...................smitty
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I think the Saints stop Dunn right away and force Vick to win the game putting him in a lot of passing situations keeping him contained in the pocket, do not let him run outside, but again I think it's starts with stopping Dunn which I strongly feel the Saints can do, stop Dunn and Vick will have all the pressure.
Anyone remember the Bears playing the Falcons last year, they stopped Dunn in his tracks and they then with after Vick bringing his ass to the ground a few times, I think that Vick will never forget that game, I loved it being I HATE the Falcons (sorry if there are Falcon fans here)
Also, we may just simply out score them being the Falcons haven't put more than 14 points on the board yet this season but we scored over 30...
If I'm Payton I run Deuce often in the first quarter and give Bush a few plays to mix it up with Deuce than I'd start a pass attack and see if the Falcons can stop us. (hard pat will be to protect Brees)
Oh , I'd tell my guys that if that get close to Vick to hit him with everything they got in them and to do this often to make Vick think twice about running outside, I want him to pay dearly, nothing would make me feel happier..

Go Saints..

Rest In Peace JoeSam, thanks for everything my friend.
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That's bulldiddly poo!

All that about Dunn and the running game-won't happen! Me don't know why but everytime Dunn goes and plays superb vs all the other teams with better D's, he gets to us and plays very subpar....He averages 88 yards vs us, and don't even get me started with Vick's horrible stats vs us...All their good games, were in 02, 01' and 03'

How come we passed so good on these guys when we had horrible Brooks??? Last yr we played super even when Deuce and Horn was unhealthy...They let a washed up 33 yr old Antwan Smith rush for 100+ yards on them, and they never stop Deuce under a 100, so how are they gonna stop Deuce and Bush

Brees is gonna have a really good game, Horn is healthy my boi, he'll take up a FS on most plays along with Hall...Now who's gonna stick 6'4" with hops and soft hands Colston, DH is on a streak, there's no LB nor safety who can match his speed...

Face it, we are gonna have a good game all-around, if they do beat us it'll be because they'll cheat us on a penalty(like last yr) or they'll come back with a miracle

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