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LordOfEntropy 05-19-2003 04:00 PM

strength of schedule

The Saints have the 13th most difficult schedule.

Tampa gets 4, Carolina gets 10, and Atlanta gets 11, so we've a pretty decent opportunity here.

D_it_up 05-19-2003 04:49 PM

strength of schedule
Let\'s just hope the don\'t \"play down\" again to those teams they should beat. I don\'t think I could handle another disappointment of losing to the Lions and Bengals again. I may go postal. Speaking of postal....Do y\'all know what it means when a flag is half-mast at the post office? THEY\'RE HIRING! :P

WhoDat 05-20-2003 12:28 PM

strength of schedule
Again - no excuses this year.

lumm0x 05-20-2003 01:42 PM

strength of schedule
You\'ve got to remember that these schedule strengths are based on last years records. Some teams have either become more formidable or fallen apart since that ended. I don\'t see alot of the basement teams from last year being as bad this year. The games can only be gauged in difficulty on game day. This stat is fairly meaningless as far as determining our chances this season.

WhoDat 05-20-2003 07:41 PM

strength of schedule
I disagree b/c of how scheduling works now. The difference in schedule b/w Tampa\'s schedule and Carolina\'s is only two games. For the most part, we all play the same teams. Thus, if some of the teams we play over or underachieve, the case is likely to be the same for every other team in our division. Therefore, if we have the weakest schedule in our conference now, it\'s unlikely that it will be anything but the weakest compared to our division rivals come year end. No excuses.

rusta 05-21-2003 08:45 AM

strength of schedule
i\'m confused

we all play the same schedule except for 2 games meaning that we play 2 teams that finished third in their division last year and carolina plays 2 teams that finished last, so how is ttheir schedule tougher than ours?

carolina gets detroit and arizona

we get seattle and chicago, i think seattle and chicago are tougher than detroit and arizona, so how do they figure our schedule is easier?

tweeky 05-21-2003 10:06 AM

strength of schedule
What I like best is that most of the saints legitemate competition for playoff spots have an even tougher schedule than we do.

PS: Home and Away makes a big difference on strength of schedule.

LordOfEntropy 05-21-2003 10:22 AM

strength of schedule
I\'ve read a number of articles recently on various sites that stated the same premise.... that teams with weaker schedules have a better shot at winning the big one. That\'s common sense, obviously, but statistcal analyis in those articles covering the last 20 years or so proved the point. Very few SuperBowl winners in recent history had strong schedules.

Unfortunately, ours is middle of the pack at best, top of the pack at worst. But the really good news is that our division rivals are in roughly the same or worse shape. I\'d be really concerned if Atlanta, Tampa, or Carolina were at the bottom of that list, that\'d give them a clear advantage. Luckily, they don\'t have one. That was the only point I was trying to make.

ejc0921 05-22-2003 01:02 PM

strength of schedule
I do not put a lot of stock in strength of a schedule. Look at last year, we beat the best, but could not beat the ones we should have beaten. This is the NFL, every week is a tough game and with 16 games in a season, we can not afford to have any letdowns like the past 2 years. If everyone on the teams to include the coaches keep the head in the game and not over look the opponent, we could go all the way. :)

BillyCarpenter1 05-22-2003 01:19 PM

strength of schedule
Let\'s see. Last year I remember reading strenth of scedule reports by the so called experts and it went something like this. Best team: St. Louis Rams. Then it was Philidephia, Tennessee, Green Bay and so on. There\'s so much change around the leauge from year to year that you can\'t tell anything. Also I remember the experts saying the weekest division in football was going to be the NFC South, which was the best division in football. So, stength of scedule means absolutely nothing. With free agency and draft picks any team can go from worst to first. You are better off looking at what player(s) a team added in the off season than relying on what the team did the previous year. I admit you can\'t always tell how new players on going to do on their new team. But just because a team did it last year means nothing this year.

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