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tweeky 05-20-2003 02:09 PM

NFC Outlook, by schedules
I belive the Saints have a good playoff shot for this reason...

Our main competition for playoff spots have difficult schedules.
NFC East (Play NFC South and AFC East) BRUTAL!
Philly, NY, Wash : They have to play the toughest divisions in the NFC and the AFC
They will be lucky to have 1 team over 500.

NFC South (plays NFC East and the AFC South) One tough, one easy
All the NFC south teams should be at 500 or above, 9-7, 10-6

NFC North (plays NFC West and AFC West) Tough
Packers and no one else

NFC West (play NFC North and AFC North) average
49'ers and possibly the Seahawks, Rams are done!
Saints vs Seahawks week 1 may determine playoff spot by end of year.

You may see 3 NFC South teams make the playoffs this year, with Carolina flirting with one.

rusta 05-20-2003 04:11 PM

NFC Outlook, by schedules
i agree we have a good shot but i disagree with some of your analysis
EAST: the giants are good if they don\'t win that division i would be surprised, shockey has a year under his belt, they get hilliard back and they didn\'t really lose anyone in the offseason, philly should compete as well even though i feel that they are on their way down

NORTH: i think the vikes are gonna surprise this year, bennett seems to becoming into his own as a solid performer, moss is moss, if their defense plays decent ball they could overtake the pack whom i also think is on the way down but still a playoff contender for a year or two

WEST: i agree the rams are done, they have lost too many players and vermeil has been gone long enough for the team that he built to fall apart under martz\'s coaching inability, seattle has a big question at QB and despite his end of year spurt i question alexander\'s heart, SF seems to be falling apart on offense, this division looks like it might be competeing with the north for worst divsion

SOUTH: one of the toughest in the nfl, tampa will not have the year they had last year but should still make the playoffs, we are all well aware of our situation, atlanta i think is gonna flop big time probably 8-8 or 7-9, don\'t be surprised to see carolina go 9-7 or better

billybignuts 05-21-2003 07:23 AM

NFC Outlook, by schedules
East: I believe the Giants will win the division followed by Philly, the Skins, and finally Dallas. Dallas should be alot better than last year but their schedule is brutal.

North: The Packers will probably win this division again but the Vikings will be close on their heels, Detroit will be next and Chicago in the cellar.

West: Seattle is gonna rule here, they have a great young quarterback who threw for 3075 yards despite missing 6 games last year. The 49ers will be second then the Spams, and Arizona will probably try for 1st overall next year.

South: Saints nuff said. The bucs wont be as good as last year, but they will probably finish 2nd. Carolina will be a close 3rd, those Breaux Bridge boys are tough and Jake wont let them down. Atlanta hopefully will be last, just out of spite.

Playoffs Saints, Giants, Seahawks, Packers, Bucs, and the Eagles

LordOfEntropy 05-21-2003 10:28 AM

NFC Outlook, by schedules

atlanta i think is gonna flop big time probably 8-8 or 7-9, don\'t be surprised to see carolina go 9-7 or better
If memory serves correctly, Atlanta has never had back-to-back winning seasons. That backs you up, so I hope your analysis is correct. Atlanta still scares me, though.

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