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BillyCarpenter1 05-21-2003 07:59 PM

Screen Pass
Last year it seemed every time Arron Brooks droped back to pass that he was constantly blizted. People talk about Brooks making bad decisions but when you have 3 blitzers in the backfield even Joe Montana made some bad throws. It's up to the play caller to help the quarterback out. Why do they hardly ever call a screen pass and when they do it doesn't seem well designed. When you watch the better teams that run the west coast offense, the screen pass is called often and it works. If the saints can get the opponents defense to play honest the Saints offense could really shine. What i'm saying is this the screen pass is designed to beat the blitz and if executed right you would see teams hesitating to call blitz packages. Give Brooks the time and he will be a star.

JOESAM2002 05-21-2003 10:31 PM

Screen Pass
The middle screen pass is good for slowing the pass rush. It keeps defensive linemen more in their lanes. It works just like a draw play. It\'s more or less dependant on the offensive line doing their job. We might see more of this, this coming year.

LordOfEntropy 05-21-2003 11:47 PM

Screen Pass
If I recall right, the screen or dump-off was the nemesis of the Saints defense last year. I can\'t (dont\' want to) remember how many times a three yard dump-off turned into seven or more yards.

Let\'s see if Cie Grant, Ruff, Hodge, and especially Allen can do anything about that this year. No, let me correct that. The line, corners, and linebackers MUST do something about that this year. All NFL teams watch tape, and of course will key in on obvious weaknesses. I feel that the screen was one of the single most obvious defensive weaknesses the Saints displayed all year.... In my humble opinion of course.

Venturi needs to address this.

JOESAM2002 05-22-2003 12:31 AM

Screen Pass
I agree, Venturi needs a new address.ROFLMAO. I\'ll give him 1 more year.

tweeky 05-22-2003 07:36 AM

Screen Pass
I think on O, the screen pass is predictable because AB starts tippy-toeing backwards as soon as the ball is snapped. I can spot it from my lazy-boy after 3 beers, I\'m sure NFL LB\'s can spot it.

But I do agree, AB is on the verge. I remember many folks slammin McNabb after his 2nd full season starting, -he\'s a bust - give him time - he\'s a bust - etc.

AB is entering his 3rd full season starting, thats typically when the light bulb clicks on and the little things he used to think about become 2nd nature. But it better happen this year, the fans won\'t allow another year of \"development\", especially if Louisiana\'s favorite son does well in Carolina.

[Edited on 22/5/2003 by tweeky]

billybignuts 05-22-2003 08:03 AM

Screen Pass
I just hope the ball will stay in his hand when go drops back to pass.

WhoDat 05-22-2003 08:59 AM

Screen Pass
The screen pass destroyed the Saints last year. Off the top of my head right now I can think of three that when for 40+ yards and resulted in touchdowns. On D, our problem was inexperienced LBs, and slow and possibly dumb DTs. The best way to defense a screen pass is by using your DTs. If a DT ever sees that a lineman is \"letting him go by\" he needs to immediately start back-peddling and find the RB. Ours didn\'t do that. That means there\'s no back side pursuit, so the runningback can sit and wait for his linemen to pick up their blocks downfield against LBs and CBs.

From an offensive standpoint, screens never worked for us last year for a couple of reasons. First, I don\'t think our line and especially our QB sold them very well. I agree with tweeky - you could see it coming at home, so you know they could. The even bigger problem though, to me, was the lack of a pressence in the middle of the field. Without a TE or WR to occupy the middle, opposing LBs didn\'t have to worry about a receiver sitting down in the middle behind them. Thus, they were free to step up and jump all over Deuce when he came out of the backfield - not to mention there wasn\'t any room for the linemen to release to and set up blocks. If we can sit Sloan, Conwell, and possibly even a receiver in the short and intermediate middle zone, they will occupy the LBs and the screen should work... at least that\'s the way I see it.

rusta 05-22-2003 03:51 PM

Screen Pass
damn it dat, i had my point ready about halfway down the thread only to get ot the bottom to see you steal it, :P :P :P

screens did kill us last year, i was at the game where the skins had 2 40+ yard screens against us, while the d-line is somewhat to blame for this i feel it was mostly the schemes we were running, venturi\'s \'complicated defense to make up for slow/dumb players\', venturi came up with a good cop out there didn\'t he? ;)

i agree with the fact that AB gives away the screen too easy but our biggest problem with running the screen is that our TE\'s and WR\'s can\'t block, our TE\'s sucked in every aspect last year, our WR\'s are mediocre blockers at best, this doesn\'t give our lineman enough time to get into position to run the screen

the other thing and i\'m going to get some disagreers on this, is that we didn\'t run enough screens to get good at it, i know we supposedly run a west coast offense but it doesn\'t look like any west coast offense i\'ve ever seen, i don\'t have exact numbers but think about how often you see AB throw the ball 10+ yards as opposed to how often he throws short or dumps off, when we do run a short pass it\'s always to duece, i can\'t remember horn or pathon or stallworth catching many short passes, we either run deuce or look further down field, to me we looked more like the spams of a few years ago as opposed to say the raiders or pats (pure west coast teams in my opinion), this is probably a result of our TE\'s and FB\'s not really playing a role in our offense

i\'m kinda off the subject so i\'ll quit now

BillyCarpenter1 05-22-2003 03:59 PM

Screen Pass
Rusta. Good job. I agree with everything you said.

lumm0x 05-22-2003 04:21 PM

Screen Pass
Everyone is absolutely correct about the screens on both sides of the ball last year. Too many against and not enough for.

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