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LordOfEntropy 05-22-2003 12:34 PM

Atlanta announced they're installing FieldTurf in the GA Dome before this season gets started. I'm jealous. The Saints will have it at their new practice facility, but I wish they would install it in the Supersome as well. This stuff is just awesome.

You'd think they'd include it as part of the controversial Superdome renovations that have been going on. Anyone ever been on the existing turf in the Dome? It's like rock with a thin veneer of green paint painted on. No wonder the injury bug bites us so often.

ejc0921 05-22-2003 01:12 PM

I have never been of the Superdome turf, but I have played some baseball on that type of turf and it did not do my knees any good. You just like playing on the cement parking lot with jsut a tiny bit of padding, which did nothing to protect from knee injuries. :( It would be great if they would install FieldTurf like the GA Dome is doing. That would definitely reduce injuries to your QB, RB, and WRs.

tweeky 05-22-2003 01:19 PM

I\'m worried about that stuff. Deuce hates it. He complained (LIONS) he could not get his footing, he couldn\'t cut back well and tried every type of shoe/cleat he could.

I hope it was just an off day for him, because everybody else loves that stuff.

I\'m sure he\'s a good enough athlete to adjust, so my lifelong Saints-Pessimism is probably just clouding my thoughts, as usual.

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