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Bettis may get cut by Steelers...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; He\'ll change his name from the Bus to the Street Car....

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Bettis may get cut by Steelers...

He\'ll change his name from the Bus to the Street Car.
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Bettis may get cut by Steelers...

Having gone to MSU, I know all about Duece\'s injury history. I also know of his history of making defenses look like chumps. He may get injured, but I\'ve seen plenty of players go from injury-prone in college to every game warriors in the pros. Besides, he soldiered through a high ankle sprain last year. He\'ll go nuts this year.

On that note, how could you not like the idea of Jerome Bettis coming off the bench to do some 3rd down dirty work or give Duece a day off after he seals a rushing title. I like our backups, but if we are going to go out and sign a reserve LB like Rodgers (average) why not consider it. Oh yeah....cap hit.....screw it let\'s go with what we got.
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Bettis may get cut by Steelers...

I know Duece is a trooper with the injuries. And I throw props at the dude all the time. He deserves it. He\'s a killer ball player. What I\'m saying is that given his track record he\'ll go down. I don\'t want him to. I hope I\'m wrong and he doesn\'t. Buuut, I\'m bettin he will.

on a side note...BPF2..State?? Come back from the dark side!! ewww I feel dirty now. How\'s that NCAA investigation thing going??

All in good fun. Glad we have the Saints to find a middle ground on..

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Bettis may get cut by Steelers...

Bettis is worthless that\'s why. You don\'t want Jerome Bettis. Let me say that again. You don\'t want Jerome Bettis. He\'s too big, too slow, and too injury prone to play for us. You\'re talking about Deuce getting hurt. When was the last time Bettis played a full season? Maybe I\'m imagining things, but it seems like that guy\'s been hurt forever. That\'s a complete waste of money. Spend that extra dough on a DT, CB, or LB!!!
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Bettis may get cut by Steelers...

Terell Davis is probably gonna get cut from the Broncos. Supposedly his rehab has gone well. I know im dreamin, but if he were physically sound and would sign for the league minimum, I would probably take him!!
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Bettis may get cut by Steelers...

Hey! You better respect State!!! You know how hard it is to go a perfect 0-8 in conference play. That\'s determination!!

Kidding. Yeah, I hear investigation has Starkville upset. Oh well. At least Sherrill was able to pass the buck on that glory season last year to Joe Lee. BTW -- Good luck to Eli this year. Till the Egg Bowl.

Now back to topic. Bettis is staying in Pittsburgh anyway. He showed up in great shape and is working hard to prove Zeroue should wait to replace him. Davis would be nice, but another injury guy that scares me. Some of you all say Keaton is worth the look. Is he, or do we seriously need to look at more depth is this area?

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Bettis may get cut by Steelers...

Keaton is worth the look. He\'s a fine athlete, who has never had a shot, as he was running behind Corey Dillon most of his career. He has a career 4 yards per rush, which is great for a backup, and in college, he was all american, finalist for Walter Payton award, etc etc etc.
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