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SaintforLife 05-23-2003 09:01 AM

Veteran safety
There was alot of talk on KFFL about two weeks ago that the Saints were about to sign Veteran Safety Victor Green from the Pat's. Then all the talk dried up. What give's? Anyone hear any more about this?

I think we need another safety. Jones & Mitchell to start and Bellamy backing up Mitchell at SS isn't enough. Hawthorne is penciled in as a backup FS, and Steve Gleason hasn't shown that he can be relyed upon for more that Special teams duity either.

lumm0x 05-23-2003 09:13 AM

Veteran safety
We played last few seasons with Knight and Bellamy and virtually nothing behind them. I\'m more comfortable going in with a capable starter like Jones and a promising rookie like Mitchell as long as there is a veteran presence like Bellamy and some depth with field experience. Hawthorne does have some of that. I\'m okay with how it sits. There are alot of quality unsigned veterans out there and maybe more right away. Kim Herring is apparently on the cut list in St. Louis.

BlackandBlue 05-23-2003 09:14 AM

Veteran safety
If they sign Green, great, if not, I\'m not too concerned. The reason they have Hawthorne pencilled in at safety is because of all the CB\'s we currently have on the roster (CB is his normal position). I\'m intrigued by Mitchell and am looking forward to seeing what he can do as a starter. When you are young, have good wheels, and can hit like a freight train- those are positives. The depth chart at CB has Carter, Ambrose, Craver, Thomas, and Brown already, it only made sense to move him to safety, with his heavier frame, he\'s more built like one anyways. Gleason and Hall are still young, relatively speaking, and Hall could be better if he would add about 20 lbs of muscle mass. LB is still the biggest worry for me on this team, I\'m curious about Allen, skeptical about Hodge, and not happy about Ruff. But we shall see. The more I speculate about the upcoming season, the more I long for it to begin.

lumm0x 05-23-2003 09:25 AM

Veteran safety
I hear ya man. I\'m like a junkie in Detox.

billyh1026 05-23-2003 11:31 AM

Veteran safety
ACK!! Hawthorne!! I hate that guy!! He\'s worse than Elvis Patterson!! The dude got whiplash every game watching his guy fly by him.

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