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here is what i love

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; that **** head on nfl network talking about how the eagles got trapped after the emotional win last week over dallas. maybe they shouldn't llet a team drive for 8.5 minutes from their 15 to kick a winning fg. they ...

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here is what i love

that **** head on nfl network talking about how the eagles got trapped after the emotional win last week over dallas. maybe they shouldn't llet a team drive for 8.5 minutes from their 15 to kick a winning fg. they lost to the better team today.

hey miami made a great move getting culpepper instead of brees. that was smart, hey anyone want to talk about the bumb shoulder anymore or no. yeah legs and shoulders and bad knees are better. yeah they look good trhius year.

i love it we are either playing with emotion or the other team doesn't have enough. well good thing we are 5-1 and hopefully we keep sucking like this all season.

Big Hitter, the Lama.
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RE: here is what i love


I have a feeling that they won't be able to come up with any excuses anymore because they now know for sure that the Saints are for real and will win games this year..
Let them talk if they want to, won't bother us Saints fan anymore.
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There WILL be more skepticism and more excuses for why we won. They'll say this was a trap game and they were on their emotional high last week.

Some of this skepticism will even come from some on this very board.

Fact is we are a VERY legitimate playoff contender now, fluke or not(I personally don't think we are close to being a fluke). At 5-1 we need to win just 4 more games in the next 10 weeks to make it to 9-7, which will likely be good enough in the NFC to get a wild card berth. That is a WORST CASE SCENARIO in my eyes though.
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Opinions are like noses and ass$*!@$, everyone has one of each, but the proof is in the facts. Saints are 5 and 1.

Let the pundits begin with their rationale and excuses. Who cares? Not me, I am satisfied with being 5 and 1.
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I hear you Spkb. I'm getting really tired of all the skeptics. The only time we actually got some respect is when we lost to the Panthers. Everyone was saying that the Saints don't quit....They made it a game. What the hell?!! The Saints are 5-1 and look really good. The defense probably needs a little work, but the team is legitimate. Oh, well. I can't wait for the next win. "Well, Baltimore just wasn't mentally ready for the Saints" or "The Saints were still on an emotional high after that first game in the Dome 3 or 4 weeks ago". Their idiots.
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i mentioned this today to my dad that the saints will be called sissies or pansies for wasting time and kneeling but it was the right move. as explosive as the eagles offense is they couldve scored like we did against carolina a few wks back.
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Screw the wild card, this team is playing good enough to win the Division and get a first round bye,
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Fot almost 40 years, if the Saints win, its because the other team played bad. If the Siants lose, The other teams goes on about how they beat a really good team in the Saints. I'm used to it. We do beter as the underdogs anyway.
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And you guys laughed when I predicted a 12-4 record this season..they are not there yet, but admit it is a darn sight more likely at 5-1 than at 5-2...the game with carolina in the Dome is goint to be different than the one in Carolina....RNS....

ccred...what others are going to call sissiness we can refer to as superior coaching leaving the Eagles no time to win the game with heroics which has happened many times...also if Carney misses the FG, well we go to OT and I think we could have won it there to....The Eagles were not stopping anyone on that last drive...

"When you see a fork in the road, take it" -Yogi Berra
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Calling this a trap game? They didn't call the Carolina game a trap game for us did they? NNNOOOOO....we lost because Carolina is Carolina! BS!!!!! Screw what they say....yestarday I saw so much tenacity from our team that I was jumping and screaming in my living room like a crazed ape. Loved it Loved it Loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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