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Jim Mora is pissed!!!!

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I have the same words for Mora that he had for us before he resigned..."You don't know!!! You just don't know!!!!!" Ignorant ass....

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I have the same words for Mora that he had for us before he resigned..."You don't know!!! You just don't know!!!!!" Ignorant ass.
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This is the man who said on NFL ACCESS that the SAints would lose at least by 10 and the Falcones would run all day on the G-men and would beat them by 10 but he's not bias phych!!!
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Yeah tell em FatJeebs....they guy is a moron...where does that retard get off on that....not calling them for 12-men....the saints did not attempt to sub so the rule was not broken...plain and simple Brees and Payton saw an opportunity to exploit a temporary weakness and ceased it....the fact that he got sacked was bad, but when the saints have gone into a no huddle this year it has worked really well, worked well against carolina...the offense just seems to execute great underpressure and defenses just are not ready for it...
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Huddle or no Huddle. You can sub anytime you want to but your players have to be off the field by the snap. The Defense in theory can't sub in a no huddle because the timing it takes to make it happen. If a QB sees a sub taking place all he has to do is quick snap and penalty. The new rule is that if an Offense subs in a no huddle the Defense will be given an oppitunity to sub. The grey area is going to come is what is a oppitunity??? This is going to cause some problems, I see it coming.

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sorry Jimbo but it is a penility. running around and being set is two different worlds. JIM JIM is upset because he bet on the eagles and public picked them to destroy us. on the nfl network he had to stamer through his praise of the saints and the city. choking on your words is hard enough but to do it with a deflated wallet makes it even harder. choke baby choke
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Here's the actual rule:
With the exception of the last two minutes of either half, the offensive team, while in the process of substitution or simulated substitution, is prohibited from rushing quickly to the line and snapping the ball with the obvious attempt to cause a defensive foul; i.e., too many men on the field.

Are you guys sure you aren't getting mixed up ? I was listening on the regular airwaves Sunday evening (around 6PM EDT) and a caller posed the question about the official time out to allow for defense substitutions. The host that works with Mora (don't remember his name) said it was a judgement call, but Mora cited the correct rule above. I don't remember Mora saying anything about the call against the Eagles for 12 men on the field being wrong. There were 12 players lined up to play, not trying to substitute.

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Have yuo seen him on NFLN? He's usually relaxed an fairly jovial. When he has to talk about the Saints--and talk good about them--here the last two weeks, he looks like a kid who is forced to apologize for something he's glad he did. LOL
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no the difference was the phili defense was set and ready to play. end of story. they had time and just screwed up. just out looking for excuses thats all.
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