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jrmllb 10-16-2006 12:43 PM

Analyzing the rest of the schedule....
I thought that since we all have a better knowledge of our team's personality we could have some fun analyzing the rest of the schedule as we did at the end of the pre-season:

Here I go:

Baltimore: Saints 35 Baltimore 17
Relentless pass rush of Grant, Smith, and Young bury the QB be it McNair or Boller...Deuce runs over Ngata...Defense scores at least one TD...Fujita runs one in after Grant lays Boller out...Saints hold Ravens to under 50 yards rushing...jamal who? Bush gets first Rushing or recieving TD

@ Tampa: Saints 24 TB 17...Saints keep marching on... Gruden guves himself a stroke...

@ Pittsburgh: Saints 21 Pittspuke 24...Pittspuke holds on in a squeker...

Cincinnati: Saints 27 Bungles 14...The Bungles take one on the chin again..simply cannot stand up against the a team like the Saints who have a blazing fire for a heart and simply dont roll over...Palmer becomes Will Smiths punching bag

@ Atlanta: Saints 35 Falcons 17...Vick gets un-pimped (a la the VW commercials)...Deuce gets loose and eats up the clock like..Mora Jr. suffers a melt down

Frisco: Saints 42 49'ers 10...I am looking forward to this game since I first saw the the old NFC West we had some great games against the 49'ers...The Saints dominate and Bush rushes for big yards, at least one TD, a couple of great punt returns...and the game is forever known as Bush's breakout performance

@ Dallas....Saints 23 Cowgirls 13...Bledsoe gets yanked (if he makes it that far into the season) after he spends three quarters on his back and throwing 3 pics...TO puts up too little too the cowgirls go to the air to play catchup...Saints simply run out the clock on every possesion in the 4th quarter...Saints fans Jubilent as they're team is now declared greatest Saint Fan Site

Washington: Saints 24 Skins 10...The SuperDome is simply more than any team can handle this year.....One home game left that looks to be the deciding game for the Division Championship Crown...

@ Giants: Saints 10 Giants 17...4th quarter Giants drive proves the deciding factor as the Giants find a way to stay alive for the playoffs

Carolina: Saints 24 Panthers 21..The Division Championship game...Highest rated game since the Dome Bowl in September....Deep Ball and Bush's 4th quarter heroics amke it one for the ages as the NFC South Division Champion Saints march into the Post Season at 13-3 the reciprocal of their record last year and a signifying reversal of fortunes for a great team...

MMMMMMM!! that was a nice shot of Kool-Aid....Just have some fun with it guys....This is going to be the hardest bye to get through that I can remember

RedNekSaint 10-16-2006 01:21 PM

Re: Analyzing the rest of the schedule....
OOOOOO I wanna play.

Baltimore: Saints 21 Baltimore 3
McNair starts. And plays 4 downs. Duece gets one, SP Teams gets one, D gets one.

@ Tampa: Saints 28 TB 0...After the game Gradkowski calls the MAC to see if he has any eligibility left.

@ Pittsburgh: Saints 7 Pittspuke 10...Home field advantage is too much for the Saints to overcome.

Cincinnati: Saints 34 Bengals 12...The Bengals score 4 field goals as they struggle to piece together a team that is not currently serving time.

@ Atlanta: Saints 35 Falcons 3...Vick is gone by this time. Schaub wishes he wasn't.

Frisco: Saints 63 49'ers 0...Please, run up the score. A lot.

@ Dallas....Saints 17 Cowboys 6 This win is overshadowed by tragedy as Tuna's head explodes when TO and Romo get into a game of the dozens at the 50.

Washington: Saints 24 Skins 21...Snyder asks if Brees is for sell. The answer is no, but Miami quickly offers Culpepper.

@ Giants: Saints 10 Giants 0........Eli asks Archie why he didn't get him drafted by the Saints. A

Carolina: Saints 24 Panthers 21.. On a50 yard Carney kick to end the game.

14-2 and an off week.

Savant 10-16-2006 01:21 PM

RE: Analyzing the rest of the schedule....
I don't know what you're thinking, other than this is fun to do. But I couldn't even begin to think about all these games. So much changes from week to week. I think we'll see the Bucs start making some moves for one. Kansas City isn't great, but Pittsburg seemed to have gotten some steam back. Carolina is getting their rhythm. My point is that all could change to. Do you think Payton talks to his team about the Skins game or how they're gameplan against the Steelers is gonna be like? If he did, we'd wouldn't be 5-1 now. I know it's fun to look ahead, but personally I can't really see being able to do that with any confidence.

jrmllb 10-16-2006 01:59 PM

RE: Analyzing the rest of the schedule....
I agree Savant I just thought it would be fun since so many had some rather defeatist or pessimisitc predictions for the season early on....I really dont know about our chances against what seems to be still a pretty good D against Cincy...however I also thought the Eagles would have a better pass rush than they did...But this Saints team seems to be game planning like champs

Savant 10-16-2006 02:06 PM

RE: Analyzing the rest of the schedule....
Game planning has been huge. And truly I don't know what defense really matches up against them in an ideal way. The minute they can zero in on one player we're going downhill. But that goes to show how smart Payton and Brees are. Brees threw to 10 different recievers. Talk about head on a swivel.

Savant 10-16-2006 02:09 PM

RE: Analyzing the rest of the schedule....
Oh yeah, and sorry if I seemed a little insulting. I'm an optimist about this team. Always have been every pre-season. And usually they kill it a couple of games in. I've been watching the Saints since I was a kid, and this year is like no other.

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