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FHSSaints 05-23-2003 11:47 PM

My 2003 season Power Rankings
2003 season Power Rankings
1. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- World Champs will be the bad boys again.
2. Philadelphia Eagles-not too confident with this pick...they need a WR, and a RB...defense too some shots this offseason also.
3. Tennesee Titans- not too confident with this pick...depends on Eddie George and the recieving corps.
4. Oakland Raiders- old but good. gannon will carry the team. Tyler Brayton will be a surprise.
5. Denver Broncos-Portis, Plummer, Sharpe, Smith...thats a good team man
6. Miami Dolphins- Ricky Williams man. Brian Griese, if he signs, may edge out Fiedler. Seau will be a star for one more season, then he'll say hello to Bryan Cox
7. New Orleans Saints- top 5 offense, improved top 10-20 defense which wont be good but consistent and reliable
8. Green Bay Packers- defense will be better. Nick Barnett will be a star.
9. Atlanta Falcons-Peerless Price will be a sligh let down but still productive
10. New York Jets-DeWayne Robertson will be considered the 2nd best D-lineman picked.
11. Baltimore Ravens- Terrell Suggs will make the other 9 teams cry for not picking him. Kyle Boller will edge out Redman.
12. St. Louis Rams- they'll be back on track, but not the Super Bowl track--Bulger will start most games
13. New England Patriots- Rodney Harrison will have one more big year
14. Carolina Panthers- John Fox, Peppers, Delhomme, S.Davis...nuff said
15. Kansas City Chiefs- Better Defense, top 5 offense may be higher if they live up to the expectations
16. Indianapolis Colts- Manning,James and Harrison need another year
17. New York Giants- two words--Jeremy Shockey
18. Buffalo Bills- Takeo Spikes will have a silent but productive year, but the offense will carry them with a improved defense
19. Washington Redskins- Fun n' Gun will be a little better, Ramsey has to step up
20. Jacksonville Jaguars-Hugh Douglas, Mike Peterson and Donovin Darius will carry the team
21. Minnesota Vikings- Big pop in the year, Moss is a given, Culpepper is a Aaron Brooks type player--inconsistent.
22. Dallas Cowboys- The Tuna will see success shortly...
23. Seattle Seahawks-Holmgreen will be better, S.Alexander and Hassleback will have big years
24. San Diego Chargers-defense...may be higher if tomlinson,brees, and boston will carry the team further
25. Cleveland Browns- no linebackers? wtf?
26. Pittsburg Steelers- Maddox was a one year wonder
27. Chicago Bears- Grossman will handle the team in the second half of the season
28. Cincinatti Bengals- Marvin Lewis first year, contender in 2 years
29. Detroit Lions-marrichu is a winner but not this year
30. Houston Texans- one improvement on offense and it wasnt on the line
31. San Francisco 49ers- new 2nd rate coach, less chemistry geinuea pig year, top ten team again in 2 years
32. Arizona Cardinals- big losses, minor gains sorry last year, worst this year

SuperbowlSaints 05-24-2003 08:03 AM

My 2003 season Power Rankings
I disagree, if you are talking about how things are going to be at the end of the season and the playoffs, I put the Saints at number 1.

ejc0921 05-25-2003 08:00 AM

My 2003 season Power Rankings
Power ranking are OK, but it does not tell how a team will react during the season. Cae in point, Saints last year. I only worry about the standings during the season, but more inportantly during the end of the season and hopefully the Saints will be # 1. ;)

BillyCarpenter1 05-25-2003 01:23 PM

My 2003 season Power Rankings
Here\'s my top 10. Who cares about the rest.

1 New Orlean Saints. (#1 offense and special teams, much improved defense.)
2. Phildephia Eagles.
3. Tampa Bay Bucs. (does anyone really expect them to repeat?)
4.Oakland Radiers.
5. Denver Broncos.
6. Atlanta Falcons. (no one wants to play these guys)
7. San Fransico 49\'ers.
8. Miami Dolphins (can Rickey do it again? No!!!!!!)
9. New York Giants.
10.Green Bay Packers.

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