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piss poor performance

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; There won't be many games where we turn it over 5 times. Today's game reminded me of the LSU/Florida game a couple weeks ago. Neither the Saints or LSU were able to get in to their original gameplan, or play ...

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RE: Re: RE: piss poor performance

There won't be many games where we turn it over 5 times.

Today's game reminded me of the LSU/Florida game a couple weeks ago. Neither the Saints or LSU were able to get in to their original gameplan, or play the other team "even" because many of the turnovers resulted in the Ravens/Gators getting points.

We've seen what kind of coaching staff/team we have from the first 6 games. To me, today was just one of those bad days a team has every now and then, and not an indication of what we should expect in future games.

Today sucked, but those mistakes that cost us the game can be fixed.
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RE: Re: RE: piss poor performance

plain and simple, we can't continue to lose the games we're supposed to win.... we can't come out turn the ball over, etc. and give a win away... not in our division... that's my gist of my rant.... you can take what you want from it, but that's my concern.... at the end of the year, if we don't make the playoffs this will be one that we look back and say that we should have played better and won.....
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RE: Re: RE: piss poor performance

its one game and you know what hopefully it is a wake up call and we come out and wipe the floor with tampa next week. or at least just come away with a win. it is one game we came out flat and just didn't play well.
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RE: Re: RE: piss poor performance

It's a wake up call that has to be answered. This was a dismal effort and worse that it came at home after a bye. There are no easy games from here on out, and there's no excuses. I don't care at this point that the team is "young" or "new to the system" or what have you. Eight games into the season, you step up.

I don't understand why these guys were given 4 days off to screw around to begin with. Lack of preparation and desire are only two ingredients for this sad effort.

The fans shouldn't have left, they should have stayed to the bitter end and booed.

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RE: Re: RE: piss poor performance

"why did we not even try to establish the run early in the game with deuce? it's like we didn't even consider involving him in the game plan... and our offensive line? false starts?! at home?! sad...... like i said piss poor...."

Hey Deuce over Reggie anytime right now cuz Bush is showing he is not a between the OT runner then when he is outside the OT he can't choose where he needs to run.......Total yrds. don't mean squat when on the ground u avg. 2.9 a carry......75 receptions and 90 yrds. don't mean squat when u have no TDs...PLAY DEUCE we paid him good money he's the best RB in history!

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RE: Re: RE: piss poor performance

Deuce must still feel the effects with the hammy, I heard his name twice today it seems.
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RE: Re: RE: piss poor performance

5 carries 11 yards broke for 7 yrds onna carry.....Bush needs to be benched until 3rd down why did we change up the scheme with bush in the slot formations? Those worked this new shotgun I notcied was not getting down int he beginning down by like 14........SMASH MOUTH FOOTBALL ANYONE?
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RE: Re: RE: piss poor performance

Guys, please. I'm starting to get agitated with some of your posts.

We didn't establish the running game because we're playing against the best defense in the NFL and they were keying on our running game. We didn't allow ourselves to have many running predicaments because we continued to shoot ourselves in the foot with penalties. We constantly had to gain more than 10-yards just for a first down. You can't run in those situations.

Oh, and not to mention, we were playing from behind all game long.

I don't know what the hell you guys are talking about. Either you guys are way too drunk or... I don't know.

As far as this Bush hating goes, why don't you look up his stats and see HOW MANY FIRST DOWNS HE HAS MADE THIS YEAR. While they're not TD's, picking up first downs are crucial to sustaining drives. You'll see that Bush has quite a few under his belt - along with Joe Horn, who everyone wanted to throw in the hearse earlier this season because he hasn't scored a TD.

Geez, man! We had a bad day.

The Steelers just lost to the Raiders this week. Dallas beat Carolina worse than the Ravens beat us. Oh, and, atleast we're not the 49'ers.

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Drew Brees made some dumb plays.
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Actually we had a lot of bad luck and penalties..... the turn overs didn't go our way, the calls didn't go our way and that put us behind early.

We are a good team but it is hard to come back after that kind of situation.
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