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dberce1 11-07-2006 01:01 PM

And the award goes to: Surprising Saints dominate first half
Looks like King has changed his tune. Has Brees as MVP, Colston at ROY, and Loomis as GM:

And the award goes to ...
Surprising Saints dominate first half honors
Posted: Tuesday November 7, 2006 12:05PM; Updated: Tuesday November 7, 2006 12:39PM

Now that every team has played exactly half its season -- and "played'' is a term I'd use loosely with the Oakland Raiders; with them, I might use "mangled'' -- I'm going to really get the e-mails going on e-mail day. Folks, the Saints have come marching in. My NFL first-half awards:

1. Drew Brees, quarterback, New Orleans; 2. Peyton Manning, quarterback, Indianapolis; 3. Larry Johnson, running back, Kansas City. I realize it's heresy to not pick Manning as MVP, and he'd probably run away with it, and maybe he should. There is nothing I can say or write to diminish what Manning has done for an 8-0 team. He has been brilliant in every way, in every game. I pick Brees, however, because he has been the single most important figure in picking the Saints up by their bootstraps, against incalculable odds. Brees embraced the Herculean on-field task of making the Saints competitive again, and he embraced the off-field task of doing whatever a player can do in making a city feel like a city again. He's on pace for a 4,406-yard passing season, which would be 836 yards more than he ever threw for in San Diego, and he has done this less than a year after undergoing surgery to repair the torn labrum in his throwing shoulder. The Saints are 6-2, in first place in a division in which everyone thought they were a lock to finish last. Brees, and the Saints, will need a precipitous drop to lose my MVP vote.

Euphoria 11-07-2006 01:41 PM

RE: And the award goes to: Surprising Saints dominate first
This is ashame what is happening to Manning these days. They gave him crap he couldn't win the big game, couldn't beat the Pats... he was Brady's *****. Now he goes into Foxboro and beats them argueable almost single-handedly, and he gets no love.

There isn't one player I would give the MVP to on the Saints... that is definately a team thing that is going on in New Orleans.

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