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What's the Saints magic number?

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Right now all I want is a win Sunday against the Steelers.....

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Right now all I want is a win Sunday against the Steelers..
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Originally Posted by LongTimeFan
Right now all I want is a win Sunday against the Steelers..
Absolutely the right attitude. We'd also like to get some help from the Giants to pull the Bears back towards the pack. It puts the Saints in the catbird seat for the #1 seed because they get to play the Giants down the road.

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Of course I agree with you. My points were A)to assume a victory over Atlanta was foolish and B)the OP asked for a magic number. I did say it was too early and agree with the whole "one game at a time, this game is the only one that matters, insert another cliche, yada yada" stuff. The point is, as we sit now, its 9. Not assuming any victories or qualifying anything. You can also say, "assuming we win all of our games our magic number is 0". You cant "qualify" a magic number. Thats retarded.
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Originally Posted by smyce
Wrong. The magic number is not 6.

If we win 6 games and the Falcons win all 8 then the Falcons will win the division. Therefore, mathematically, the number is not 6. Of course, as you eluded to, if you count the Falcons game as a win (which is foolish to do) then the magic number would be 6, but thats only after the victory.

The number, as we sit right this second, is 9.
... 9? You mean the Saints have to win 9 out of 8 games to go to the playoffs? It looks grim then...

... I guess you either didn't read the post or didn't comprehend it, and then you rushed to a belittling reply. That's what's foolish.
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there's no way the magic number is 9 with 8 games left. The lowest it could be is 6 and the most likely number to make the playoffs is 7. But no matter what, it is way too early. Magic numbers in baseball don't become relevant until 90% of the games have been played, and with only a 16 game season, magic numbers are silly.
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The whole reason why the number being 9 seems foolish is because its way too damn early to even consider a magic number. Any combination to make 9 gets us in, 5 wins a,d 4 losses, 6 and 3, whatever. But you are right, it is too early, which is why it seems imposible to be 9 with 8 left. It's just too early. To call the number 6 to win the division can not possibly be being that we can win 6 games and still lose the division.

The whole reason it is difficult to figure out is because its just way too early. No one belittled you, you just took it that way.
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majic numbers???????????
8 no doubts
2 wins: against Atalnta and the Panthers
beat the rest of the NFC and AFC
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Originally Posted by smyce
Those initals are the worst I have ever seen.

Originally Posted by maximkat
i mean no offense, but i had to read that 3 times before i understood it

I thought it was awful too! 8)

Hey maximkat. There is only one Who Dat in 03801, and that is me
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hold on... let me get another beer and I`ll re-read this entire thread,,,,, you number crunching gurus are killing my buzz (I spent 15 min. trying to figure out who PE was)
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I reckon it won't be time to be thinking playoffs for...four weeks if we can steal at least three of 'em. I also would like to schedule my up my postseason days off but I harken back to the 1993(?) season when our Saints started the season 5-0. I had visions of Vince Lombardi trophies dancing in my head (and I'm sure Tom "Boogie" Benson did too). When they finished 8-8 and missed the playoffs I vowed to myself to never get too high on a Saints season until it's mathematically sound. So right now my season begins with PITT. Go Saints.
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