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tweeky 05-30-2003 08:20 AM

Why the Fins dropped Rodgers
I posted this on NOLA, but most of those guys are allergic to insight and optimism... So I thought I'd get you guys thoughts...

Why the dolphins traded Rodgers...
It had nothing to do with him declining or regressing.

He doesn't fit their scheme as well as Seau, and his salary was escalating. The Fins don't ask their LB's to rush the passer that much because of their DE's (Jason Taylor).

Rodgers forte was pass rushing. If Miami used their LB's more to rush the passer, they never would have let this guy go.

The Miami press has referred to the guy as a QB seeking missle. Miami needs a run-support/read-react type. Seau is a perfect fit for them. Rodgers is a better fit for us, especially on passing downs. Zack Thomas even pointed out he was in the wrong system for his style. He said he needed to be in a Lavar Arrington type roll. I don't know if thats our exact style, but Venturi has stated many times he wants to rush the LB's more.

This guy will start the 1st game (actually week 2 due to his suspension). If not, James Allen has officially arrived!

lumm0x 05-30-2003 12:10 PM

Why the Fins dropped Rodgers
This does make me more interested to see how Rodgers plays out here. A lot of players get either highlighted or adversely masked by the system they play in. Hopefully this is the case here, that the Dolphins system didn\'t allow for him to show his true talents by asking him to play his position against his natural strengths.
Hopefully he can showcase his talents in a more agressive role with us. A similar situation as last year when we asked Charlie Clemons to be a MLB rather than a OLB and he played against his natural strengths. The dumb part is that he already showed us when he was with the Rams and in his first year here what he was good at.

D_it_up 05-30-2003 02:09 PM

Why the Fins dropped Rodgers
I don\'t think it\'ll be a primary defense for the Saints, but I\'d expect them to use four linebackers on the field in obvious passing situations and use Rodgers as an end type. Almost like a variation of the 3-4 defense, but still with the 4-3 set-up. Rodgers could be a much bigger pick-up than we anticipated. If his strength is rushing the passer, then by all means, turn him loose. As Moses coached back in the old testament, \"LET MY DEFENSE GO\"

saint5221 05-30-2003 06:26 PM

Why the Fins dropped Rodgers
Here\'s another wrinkle, Allen has been seen practicing at the strong side LB position, He could end up supplanting Hodge there. The trio of Rogers, Ruff and Allen could end up on the field come opening day. There is obviously alot of training camp and june 1st to settle this issue, but after they way Hodge flew around without hitting anyone last year I like this line up the best of what we have so far.

LordOfEntropy 05-31-2003 08:51 AM

Why the Fins dropped Rodgers
I agree about Hodge. The one line I remember most from last season was my buddie John Madere screaming again and again, week in week out - \"Goddammit Hodge! Where\'s Hodge??! Where\'s Hodge??!\". He needs to improve by an order of magnitude before he\'s ready to start.

I\'m also curious about Cie Grant though. It sounds like that kid has tremendous upside.

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