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wcassady 09-07-2002 09:30 AM

Ojo Playing for the Bucs
Looks like the Bucs signed Ojo. I've heard that this is a common practice so one team can learn the inside stuff on a team they are going to face. All this tells me is that the Bucs are scared. I don't see them scrambling to sign any Carolina or Atlanta players. Little do they know that if Ojo knew the playbook so well then he would still be a Saint.

Also saw where Sapp says that the Saints have a much better running back in Deuce McAllister than they did in Ricky Williams. He stated that Ricky was one dimiensional and only knew power running whereas Deuce can run up the middle, around the outside, and turn into a dangerous receiver.

Halo 09-07-2002 10:56 AM

Ojo Playing for the Bucs
I think Sapp is correct. There is a lot of respect for Deuce around the league also. As for Ojo, you have to think he\'s saying something. All this about him being a professional and not saying anything about the Saints playbook is a bunch of garbage. If the coaches ask, you tell.

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