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Sure I'm bummed out, but. it's all about perspective

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; ... yep, I hated they lost the way they lost BUT Perspective. ... this is another one of those that they can afford to lose. On the road, against an AFC opponent in the middle of the season. - fortune ...

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Merces Letifer
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Sure I'm bummed out, but. it's all about perspective

... yep, I hated they lost the way they lost


... this is another one of those that they can afford to lose. On the road, against an AFC opponent in the middle of the season.
- fortune smiled on them since the Rams, Vikings, Vicks and the Giants lost (be cheering for Gruden's boys tonight )

The good news is that the Saints still control their playoff aspirations.

With 7 games to go, they have 4 home games, 4 very winnable games against the Bengals, the whiners, Panthers, and Washington.

The also play teams in the playoff race, against the Vicks, Dallas, and the Giants.

So they are still in pretty good shape.

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RE: Sure I

Absolutely. Win the home games where it's very hard to beat us and "steal" just 1 away game. Now, that being said, that away game had better be in Atlanta! But in the big picture, the playoffs aren't going to be pretty if we can't protect the ball. I'm comfortable with the offense being able to score but they can't score if they're on the sidelines
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RE: Sure I

I love the good attitude on this board, makes being a Saints fan fun...
Keep the faith I say.....
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Hu Dat!
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RE: Sure I

Let's look at the bright side, our offense is moving the ball up and down field right now. Brees continues to amaze me on 3rd down. We've been better in the red zone lately. Our offense is playing as well as any team in the league right now, we just have to watch the turnover ratio because that's what is hurting us. Some days the sh*t hits the fan and the turnovers come in bunches or at the wrong time. Happens to every team (except maybe Indy). I'd rather have it like this than to have a struggling offense like Minnesota or especially Oakland right now that has a lot of 3 and outs.
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Pink Nightmare
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RE: Sure I

I have said it before and I will say it again.


Our guys just played the Champs. 2-6 they may have been, but they are still the champs. Their back was against the wall and they HAD to, HAD TO win. How many times in the past would the Saints have given up after a 14-0 1st quarter. I can tell you....every year before this one. In my crazy way of thinking the "GOOD" in this loss is that they COULD HAVE TIED THE GAME UP. Yes, I cussed and ranted just like each one of you did, but they never gave up!

Good things in the game....

Colston is still the man
Brees is a LEADER!!!!!
Bush finally got in the endzone from scrimmage and did some straight north and south running
Payton showed he gives a damn and gave Reggie the most evilest look after the fumble.

I know I am missing some other good stuff so feel free to add.


"We are number one. All others are number two, or lower."
-The Sphinx
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RE: Sure I

Truth is...I feel much better after this loss than I did after the Ravens. Did we make mistakes?? Sure we did. But as far as perspective goes....I love the fact that my team, the Saints, are a team that week in and week out are suddenly fighting like dogs for their victories. Like I said in another thread...I don't wanna hear this crap about..."oh man Cincy is is gonna be sooo pumped up after their loss to SD. Well guess what....the Saints were 20 yards from sending the Super Bowl Champs into overtime. So both teams will be licking their chops come Sunday. Remember guys...WE HAVE THE CROWD WITH US!!! Use this advantage to its capacity. Scream until your throats bleed. We should be just fine. And as for you guys...some cough drops or chloraseptic and you'll be good as new for the next game.

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