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Forget ROY! Think MVP

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; I noticed the post on CBS sportsline. com. I honestly think that he has a ligit argument. I know the rest of the NFL will say that he is just a rookie but just look at the stats. he is ...

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Forget ROY! Think MVP

I noticed the post on CBS sportsline. com. I honestly think that he has a ligit argument. I know the rest of the NFL will say that he is just a rookie but just look at the stats. he is a monster. It is kinda like the whole Heisman to a freshman think. Tell me what you guys think. I think we have 2 ligit MVP candidates: Brees and Colston!!

Forget R.O.Y. COLSTON for MVP!!!!!! Score: 93 -


Nov 14, 2006 12:21 pm
I know everyone is talking about Marques Colston for ROY, but why not throw his name in for MVP. I know it’s a long shot and I may be a little biased but this guy just continues to impress and amaze every week. He is tied for 4th in receptions(54), first in rec. yards(869), tied for most TDs(7), and has the longest catch(86). He has only played 9 games as a pro and his route running is getting better each week. The next jersey I will add to my already large collection will be #12. Every 3rd down play he is somehow open and makes every catch look easy. How great has this guy been! If he is this good now, sky is the limit! I just hope we sign him to a 10 year deal ASAP! I would love to hear everyone’s input on what Colston is and what he will become.
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RE: Forget ROY! Think MVP

I'm not saying I don't agree with you...because I do.

I just don't see anyone beating L.T. The guy is putting up sick numbers right now.

Drew should be a shoe in for comeback player of the year since all of the sports writers pretty much had him wrote off as broke. As far as MVP just look at what he has done with this team this year. I think he will get snubbed in the end, and that just sucks.

The only way I could see Colston getting the MVP is if the folks who do the voting really look at what he has done as a rookie. Not just look at stats on a piece of paper but WATCH game footage of him. He is truly awesome to watch.

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RE: Forget ROY! Think MVP

It would take an UNBELIEVABLE season for any WR to win the MVP much less a rookie. If a Saint is to win the MVP it has to be Brees however I agree with SapperSaint in saying Tomlinson is MVP.

Half way awards as I see em: (well half way+1)

MVP: LaDainian Tomlinson
Defensive POY: Julius Peppers
Offensive ROY: Marques Colston
Defensive ROY: This is a wide open race. I could see any one of five players win. Anderson-CHI, Dumervil-DEN, Ryans-HOU, Hawk-GB, Kiwanuka-NYG. Right now its Anderson but Kiwanuka will have a strong second half starting for the Giants.

Head Coach of the Year: Sean Payton
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RE: Forget ROY! Think MVP

Impossible for Colston to get it. Manning and LT are probably the favorites with Brees being the darkhorse/feel good pick.
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RE: Forget ROY! Think MVP

no way colston gets the MVP... brees has a better shot than colston...
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RE: Forget ROY! Think MVP

Colston does have a shot at winning the MVP, just look at his numbers, but if it comes down between him and Brees then I say Brees wins it, in fact I think Brees will win the MVP this year by a small margin, he deserves it IMHO.
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I don't think there is any way Colston wins MVP. Like the other guys are saying, L.T. and Manning are going to be one and two. As far as Brees getting comeback player of the year, he won that a few years back, and it's not like he is coming of a real bad year, so I say no to that. Right now, Colston has to be the front runner for R.O.Y for offense.
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Unfortunately....from what I heard...Brees can't win comback of the year because he is not eligible. I heard something about that fact that he actually DID play all last season negates his chances for that award.
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He is leading all receivers in yards. Who would have thought that would happen from a rookie. I just think it will be great that for the next few years the Saints running back and and wide receiver will be Reggie Bush and Marques Colston.
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But it's just like the Heisman race nobody that's a freshman can wn it impossible now next year Colston mght get it if he doesn't become Ryan Leaf God forbid
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