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JOESAM2002 06-03-2003 12:00 AM

Pro Football Weekly's Look at the NFC South...
Here's how they say the teams look during the offseason.

tweeky 06-03-2003 02:27 PM

Pro Football Weekly's Look at the NFC South...
\"The defense certainly will be faster, but some insiders wonder if the squad will be better\"

I think he hit it on the head here, sort of. I think they will definately be better. I\'ve heard some say they may parallel what the Jets did last year. They made wholesale improvements but it took them several games to gel. The 1st few games they couldn\'t stop anybody, but as the year went on they started to dominate on D.

But I read where that was likely a combination of new players and the learning curve due to the switch to the 3-4. New players and new system = major learning curve. I think it may have also been Cottrels 1st year as Jets DC.

We have a bunch of new players, but the same coaches and same system so I hope we will gel faster on defense than they did. We should.

(this is where you insert your Rick Venturi slam)

[Edited on 3/6/2003 by tweeky]

[Edited on 3/6/2003 by tweeky]

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