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Holding our Collective Breath? Predictions, please...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; OK. I've noticed quite a drop-off in intensity these last few weeks. Are we puzzled? Are we hoping to avoid talking about things in the hopes that they'll go away or correct themselves? For the record, this is a good ...

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Old 11-25-2006, 01:11 PM   #1
Professor Crab and
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Holding our Collective Breath? Predictions, please...

OK. I've noticed quite a drop-off in intensity these last few weeks. Are we puzzled? Are we hoping to avoid talking about things in the hopes that they'll go away or correct themselves?

For the record, this is a good team that just needs to make a few breaks. They'll get them this weekend.

Saints 23, ATL 17.

The D comes up big in the 2nd half in this one.
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RE: Holding our Collective Breath? Predictions, please...

If we play well without making mistakes we win, the Falcons aren't a very good team right now.
With that said, if the Saints turn the ball over 3 times we lose again, it's that simple, we can't beat nobody having 2-3 turnovers per game..
Our defense matches up really well against the Falcons, the only thing they have to do is stop their running game because that's pretty much all they have going for them right now.
Question I ask myself is which Saints team shows up on Sunday..

My prediction for the game.
Saints 28 (Only without turnovers)
Falcons 10

Rest In Peace JoeSam, thanks for everything my friend.
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the buck has to stop in atlanta.......
atlanta is not a good football team.......
i am just shocked at the ease we can go down the field and then fall apart......
payton is calling these plays so the blame does lie there...
perhaps he needs to get back to the basics or let brees call the plays......
the only way to beat the falcons is contain vick.......
everyone knows this.......
if we don't stay in pace with dallas who has moved ahead of us, it could come down to who wins the last one when we don't have a choice and our fate depends on other teams.. no one wants this.....come on payton, let's get back to basics and kick some assssssssssseessssss..
start with atlanta....................smitty
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Big game. Could go several ways obviously. I think our priority needs to be pounding Deuce, and mixing in some Bush. Their LBs are not that good, and I think we showed in week 3 that if you run right at them, you can beat 'em. Deuce averaged 4.3 yards per carry that game. The number of Brees' passes needs to be limited. We need to control the ball. Our defense will rebound this week I feel like. I've got a good feeling about this game.

falcons - 10

*BTW, I'm pumped because the only sports bar here in London that shows American sports is going to be showing the game tomorrow night!
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Saints --- 21

TheDeuce I know what you are talking about pounding the ball with Deuce.
Start by limiting Brees passing to something of only 28 total passes???
Be very precise with who you are going to throw to.
If we get the good blocking for Deuce and Bush then they will both get over 100 yards in this game.
Brees can easily get about 300 yards with precise and selective passing, no turnovers!!!!!
Colston?? Is he playing for Sunday?
Copper? For an emergency put him in but not start this game.
Go Saints
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Saints rediscover their running backs ("oh yeah," says Drew,"...we have a running attack."). Falcons defense spin their wheels trying to figure out Sean's offensive scheme. Saints defense shuts down Warrick again and Michael has no answers.
Saints 24 , Falcons 13.
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Duece rushes for 84 yards- Bush for 52 and each get a touchdown.
Bress throws for a paltry 280 yards with 2 touchdowns. One to Horn and one to Colston.
Add a Carney field goal and the Saints get 31.

The Fall-clowns get over 100 yards rushing in the first half but can't muster more than 10 points in that half. Vick tries to be a passer and throws an interception to start the third quarter and it goes down hill from there but I'll give them one more td.

Saints 31 Coach Killers 17
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Old 11-26-2006, 04:44 AM   #8
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I hope the previous predictions on here are more accurate than what i`m invisioning;

I see this game going down to the final ticks in a close match, and the team that commits the fewer mistakes gets this W.

Saints 27
Falcons 24
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LB Mentallity
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34-31 field goal wins it in the final seconds. Another Phili style game. Losser will be sitting home for the play offs.
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of course, the Saints just hafta score that insurance TD to ruin my perfect prediction.
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