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Aaron Brooks

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; Midget punting huh? The only problem was I was the midget on this thread. Now take this thread back where you got it....

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Aaron Brooks

Midget punting huh? The only problem was I was the midget on this thread. Now take this thread back where you got it.
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Aaron Brooks

Funny thing. this was back when you first started posting, like you had to prove something. I swear, you got into it with me, WhoDat, Gator, and I can\'t remember who else...in this one single thread. Was like we were taking turns knocking you around :P
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Aaron Brooks

Was like we were taking turns knocking you around :P

And this has changed?
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Aaron Brooks

See, the one thing that gets to all the AB fans are the facts. Talk about potential all you want. He ain\'t there yet. It\'s prediction and speculation.

Yes, he was the QB in our one playoff win. I give credit to the defense who punched the Rams in the face that game. He didn\'t get us to that game, he just picked up where Blake left off.

He has had two seasons since then to be the one to bring us to the playoffs. He has used those opportunities to bring us to the point where it would take a cataclysm to keep us out of the playoffs, and then helped bring us the cataclysm.

He is NOT a great QB until he PROVES he is a great QB. If you consider his greatness proven already your a dreamer. Yes, he has had 2 back to back 3500 yard seasons. Kerry Collins had 4000 yards last season and the Giants got into the playoffs because our \"great\" quarterback with all the potential couldn\'t beat the Bengals.

Don\'t show me numbers. Football isn\'t played on paper. Don\'t tell me about potential. Ricky Williams had potential, fat lot of good that did us. Don\'t tell me about a playoff victory until he can get us there himself. Tell me about great when we get to the NFC Championship game.

"Human beings, who are almost unique in having the ability to learn from the experience of others, are also remarkable for their apparent disinclination to do so." -- Douglas Adams.
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Aaron Brooks

Funny thing about that play off win for Brooks .

If memory serves me well , Brooks stalled out the last 2 series and let the Rams back in and I am still waiting for the Saints to mount Hakims jersey on one of the walls for giving us that game .......
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Aaron Brooks

The question should not be is or will Aaron Brooks be an elite QB ? He definitely has
the tools (arm strength, accuracy, confidence, read defense(?)). Teams have won a
super bowl with far less talent at QB, Brad Johnson(Tampa), Doug Williams(Washington), Jeff Hosteler(Giants). Brooks will only be as good as his supporting cast.
Veteran line, All-pro back and reciever(s) IMO is enough to win at least one SB depending on how well the [b:9c20fdc08f] DEFENSE plays[/b:9c20fdc08f]. DEFENSE !!! DEFENSE!!! Brooks is talented, but cannot win a game on his own (ala Vick).
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Aaron Brooks

Will any of the following NFC QBs post better #s in 2003 than AB?


I am certain thatk all won\'t, and possibly none will.
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Aaron Brooks

Whoa!!!!!!!!! How did I fall into this thread?

[Edited on 25/6/2004 by GumboBC]
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Aaron Brooks

With all the criticism, whining, complaining or whatever you want to call it, we all must have forgotten Billy Joe Tolliver and Hobert. We have come a long way in QBs. Yes, Brooks makes mistakes but so did Brett Favre. Favre even a few years ago would make questionable gametime decisions but it\'s all about what have you done for me lately. For a city who hasn\'t fielded a talented complete team for 20+ years, we are awfully critical.
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Aaron Brooks

I\'d like to banish this thread from wence it came
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