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I am not a fan of this flex scheduling...

this is a discussion within the Saints Community Forum; A few months ago, I got tickets to the New Orleans / Dallas game in Texas Stadium, which is set for a noon-time kickoff on Dec. 10. Well thanks to this lovely flex scheduling, I have a bad feeling the ...

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Old 11-27-2006, 08:36 AM   #1
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I am not a fan of this flex scheduling...

A few months ago, I got tickets to the New Orleans / Dallas game in Texas Stadium, which is set for a noon-time kickoff on Dec. 10. Well thanks to this lovely flex scheduling, I have a bad feeling the NFL will try and make it their Sunday Night game for that day. Let's face it, that game will have NFC playoff implications, plus it'll be Sean Payton returning to face Parcells, and all that jazz.

I'd already made a hotel reservation for Saturday night, with the mindset that me and my friend would stay Saturday night in Dallas, go to the game on Sunday, then head home afterwards. Well thanks to "flex scheduling", I have no idea whether the game will be moved to 7:30 PM Sunday night, and probably won't know for another few days, if then.

I really hope they choose another Sunday night game that weekend but I seriously doubt they will.
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Sucks about your trip. However, I am all for the Saints being placed on a National stage for Sunday or Monday nights. Good exposure for our boys. Keeps the city of New Orleans in the mind sets of fellow Americans too, which bodes well for Katrina victims (hopefully). Unfortunately, most Americans think the city has already been rebuilt.
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Your bad feeling just became a reality!

Saints at Cowboys Game on December 10 Moved to 7:15 p.m. CT

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Thanks for the heads-up though. When I saw that link, I immediately switched my hotel reservation for Sunday instead of Saturday. I guess it's cool that some of the fans on this forum who are outside the viewing area and who don't have NFL Sunday Ticket will get to see their team play, though.
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ya this is really big for those of us that live 'ere up in maine 'eh. Yay!!! Two more games I can watch this year!!! (not including playoffs, so at least 3 ^^)
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While I feel your pain, albeit so very slightly, I am more excited about the opportunity to see this team in a real game against a quality opponent in prime time. I've gotten to see 3 games this year, and with this one, that'll make it 5, a record for Saints games in the northeast corridor.
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I'm looking forward to this one. Hopefully Brees will outplay that Johnny-come-lately Romo and we'll get to hear Madden sing the praises of Brees and Payton all thru the 4th quarter. Music to my ears.
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Get in, more Saints goodness in the UK. Means I have been able to see 4 games in 5 weeks all free of charge!!
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As for me, I like the flex scheduling. It almost always guarantees a great match-up for Sunday night. And this time with the Saints- Cowboys match-up it works out perfectly for me. I have some family related activities set for that Sunday afternoon and I was going to have to miss seeing the game. Now that it has been moved to Sunday night, I get to have my cake and eat it too.
Woo Hoo!!! Geaux Saints!!!
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Living in New York I'm a huge fan of the flex scheduling. The jets and giants are never scheduled at the same time so unless the saints play on sunday night or mnf, they are never on in this area. So I'm pumped that they put this game on sunday night, should be a great game and I'm real excited about seeing us in primetime again. I go to a bar and watch all the games anyways but it will be nice to watch one at home.
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